76% of Couples Happy To Wait For Their Honeymoon

August 28th, 2015 | by Ashyln Molly
76% of Couples Happy To Wait For Their Honeymoon
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It’s meant to be the “icing on the cake” for newlyweds, yet a recent study by a UK online travel agency suggests that honeymoons don’t necessarily take place immediately after the big day anymore.

Sunshine.co.uk asked 1,977 men and women from around the UK, all of which were aged 21 and over and also happened to be married in 2014. The aim was to find out all about their honeymoon and immediately the company found out that 88% of respondents had in fact experienced a honeymoon.

The big news came around the fact that a mammoth 76% of respondents waited a short period of time before venturing away on their honeymoon, instead of jetting away immediately. A further question in the study clarified that this period of time was on average four months.

When Sunshine.co.uk attempted to find out just why honeymoons no longer seem to always take place immediately after the ceremony, the reasons were hardly surprising. 37% of respondents who had delayed their honeymoon said they did so for financial reasons – with the money from their wedding meaning that a holiday just wasn’t affordable. However, some of the other reasons may have raised a few eyebrows. 23% said that they wanted something to look forward to after the wedding, while 19% said that they had just been too busy wedding-planning to organise a trip away.

A surprising fact from the study revolved around the honeymoon destination. It appears as though there is a direct correlation between when the honeymoon takes place, and the type of destination that is visited. For example, the most popular destination for those that jetted off immediately was Italy, whereas those couples who waited tended to opt for the long-haul option of the United States. Again, such answers could relate to the financial consequences of a honeymoon.

The Managing Director of Sunshine.co.uk, Chris Clarkson, said that in today’s financial climate the decision to delay a honeymoon seemed shrewd. He said:

“We think delaying a honeymoon is a fantastic idea. Weddings are hectic and it sometimes pays to wait a while and not jump straight from the chaos of the big day and everything that’s involved right into post-wedding bliss. It’s not always that simple and if you go away immediately after your big day then you may be too exhausted to fully enjoy your trip.

“A big bonus of postponing a honeymoon is that it gives you a little while to settle any wedding debt and save for your trip, so that you can have an even better and more indulgent break. What’s more, you may receive more financial wedding gifts than you expected and these can be used to plan your budget for your honeymoon. More and more couples are delaying their honeymoons and we think it’s certainly worth thinking about. Weddings are expensive and you don’t want to look back on your honeymoon and regret that you had to go straight away and have a lower budget trip than you wanted.”

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