5 Creative Ways to Save For A Vacation

Change jar 5 Creative Ways to Save For A Vacation

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Many people avoid taking the vacation of their dreams because of financial reasons. However, there are creative ways to save so such a trip is possible. To pay for the trip of a lifetime, making a commitment to save and following through are essential. The following five creative ways to save will help make this dream a reality.

Use Credit Card Rewards

A truly easy way to save for a vacation is to use credit card rewards for plane tickets, cash back and other useful purchases. All a person has to do is use this credit card to pay bills and buy everyday items like groceries and gas. Over time, the points will add up and make it easy to pay for vacation-related expenses.

Change Jar

The change jar approach truly does work. All a person has to do is add their change to a jar whenever they come home. This will add up over time. People need to commit not to touch the jar. It will help to periodically exchange smaller coins like pennies and nickels for quarters. Over a few months, all of this change really will add up.

Use the Pantry

Eating out is one of the most expensive things a person can do. At the beginning of the month, it is wise to make one large shopping trip. This helps a person avoid eating out. Coupon clipping and store rewards cards help consumers save big. It is also wise to buy popular items like pasta and canned good in bulk to save money.

Sell Old Items

Anyone can have a small business thanks to eBay and Amazon. When saving for a vacation, it pays off to unload old books, movies, and clothes online. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money.


Many people throw away or recycle soda bottles rather than bringing them to the store. This adds up over time, especially if people keep an eye out at their work or apartment complex for other people’s bottles. Redeeming these items can give some spending money. And of course, this does something positive for the environment.

The rule to abide by when saving for a vacation is that every cent does count. By making smarter choices and keeping an eye on change, one can really build up a nice savings account for that big trip.

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