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If you are one of those people who instantly think about Austria when you hear the word Tyrol, think again. South Tyrol in northernmost Italy is equally, if not more, beautiful. Especially in winter when a white blanket of fluffy snow covers the landscape and make the region a dreamland for winter sports and the great outdoors. Bordered by Austria and Switzerland, the whole province is located in the Alps. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, via ferrata, sledging, you name it and they’ve probably got it.

As someone who likes variety, I am drawn to regions with a wide range of possibilities. First of all, when a region boasts 300 days of sunshine a year combined with the largest ski network (The Dolomiti Superski) in the world, 12 large ski resorts that comprise 45 smaller mountain villages and a total of 1,200km of downhill runs, how can you not want to visit if you love skiing!? Not least, with 13,000km of natural hiking trails, I find the area as appealing in summer. Imagine spending the day in fresh Alpine air up on the mountains during the day followed by a well-deserved spa treatment in the old spa town Merano, South Tyrol’s second largest town. And then top it off with a three-course dinner of local delicacies in one of the region’s 20 Michelin star restaurants.

Südtirol (as the Germans and Latin speakers say) or Sudtirolo (for all Italians) is also, albeit less commonly, known as Alto Adige, its Italian name. No matter how you refer to the region and what part of the world you are from, South Tyrol is a province that shouldn’t be overlooked. The warm atmosphere and hospitality typical of the Dolomites along with stunning scenery and delectable cuisine are worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

I love when regions take initiatives to attract visitors with inspiring videos packed with stunning shots, such as South Tyrol’s latest campaign. I believe they did a great job by showing the many available activities against a backdrop of scenic views. Watch the video below to see everything this part of the Dolomites has to offer!

And do head over to the Suedtirol site and enter the competition for a chance to win a five-star ski trip to South Tyrol and ski gear from Salomon worth £1000.

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