Travel to Kenya – The Most Glittering Tourist Destination

Are you searching for the most adventurous and very romantic place for the summer holidays? Explore Kenya. The most favourite tourist destination for decades. Kenya has best safari destinations, 20 national parks, mountains, beaches, towns, coffee plantains and landscapes.


Masai Mara National reserve :

Masai Mara National reserve is a large and most popular game reserve at south west of Kenya. This place is rich in flora and fauna. Here, you can see thousands species of animals and birds. Not only a regularly seeing lions, cheetah , jackal and foxes but also a rare species. Black rhinos are also found here, but they are hardly visible. In the early morning, “balloon safari” activity is recommended for viewing the beautiful landscape of rising sun between mountains.

Lamu :

Lamu is one of the smallest but well maintained old town on lamu island with a blissful beach where cobalt waters overtakes against the rolling , dramatic, white sand dunes that edges the Island. This place have only donkeys and the sound of ocean waves. To travel, you can take a boat and explore to the islands or enjoy the wandering of narrow alley of the old town.

Mount Kenya :

Those who all love climbing, this place would be the best for them. Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain with beautiful sights in Africa. In ancient days, this volcano has been eroded by ices for thousands of years to produce magnificent canyons,spiky peaks, and the waterfalls. There are many routes ranges from an easy hike to the challenging climb. This place is not only for climbing, also its national park shelters a stunning diversity of wildlife which contains unusual and rare species such as Water buck, Tree Hyrax, several Monkeys and Baboons. This mount is great for other outdoor activities too.


Mombasa :

Mombasa is the Kenya’s second largest city and biggest port. This place is actually an island which is connected to mushroom development on thae main area through bridges and ferries. This Mombasa is of multicultural tourist of British, Portuguese, Arab, Indian, and Asian new comers add to the rich cultural blend. Their influence is obvious in the building style as well as the many various types of cuisine. At the Mombasa marine national park, the Coral reefs that edges the coast for giving an excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. Dolphin watching and deep-sea fishing are also popular.

Lake Nakuru :

Huge numbers of flamingo gets attracted and shelters here because of an algae. People feels wonderful by looking at the flamingos at the edges, they can also view black and white rhino, giraffes, zebra, warthogs, jackals, pelicans, gazelles, dik diks, monkeys, ostrich, water buffalo, monkeys and much more. There are totally more than 45o species of wildlife in lake nakuru.

Amboseli National Reserve :

Amboseli is very famous for its large mammals population, especially elephants around 700. For the elephants, hippos, buffaloes and abundant water birds, The center of activity are the swamps. Black rhinos and hyenas are found in vast numbers, can also spot jackals, warthogs, olive baboons and vervet monkeys.

Enjoy in Kenya by viewing breathtaking sites.

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