A Twin-Centre Break to Remember

A holiday doesn’t have to be about visiting one place, and it also doesn’t have to be about visiting multiple places, like you would do on a cruise. You can tailor-make your holiday in any way you see fit, and there are companies out there who will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.

Twin-centre holidays are hugely popular, because they do exactly what they say on the tin – they let you visit two destinations within the space of one break. I did this when I visited Orlando and Las Vegas. You might think this sounds like an odd combination, but I’d always wanted to visit both, and whilst in the same country I figured I might as well make the most of it! It just goes to show that you can visit anywhere you choose, and you don’t have to follow a prescribed route.

You will probably end up spending more on this kind of holiday than you would if you were just visiting one resort, but I guess that’s to be expected from holidays that fall into the ‘once in a lifetime’ bracket. Saving a little here and there makes these kinds of breaks more likely, so look at how you can keep cash in your pocket. A good way to do just that is to explore your travel options, such as how you get to the airport from home. I found I saved big when I switched to driving myself and booking airport parking. On top of saving money I also found my travel day was much easier as a result of not having to cram myself onto a busy train or coach, so if you’re flying early or long-haul, driving yourself is a great option. You’ll find a parking service at most large UK airports, including Stansted airport parking which I booked recently for a great price. Look into this and see what you could save.

Your dream twin-centre break will be more affordable if you can save here and there, and when it comes to actually deciding where to go, its better if you have more in the way of funds, so you’re not restricted. I appreciate that money doesn’t grow on trees, so maybe this is one of those breaks that will require a little saving up for. Make it worth every second by choosing amazing places to visit.

Where will you choose? You could spend some time in Orlando, just like I did, and then venture onto maybe New York, or LA, San Francisco, or my choice of Vegas. You could flip it the other way around and visit the Caribbean after a stay in Miami. You’re not just limited to the USA either, this idea works for every destination the world over, such as a break in Singapore before heading to Australia, or time in Rome before embarking on a journey to another European country. The options are endless and depend totally on your preference and dreams.

Make this kind of break one that is worth doing right, putting plenty of thought and research into it, and that way you’ll have a holiday of a lifetime.

Featured Courtesy of Kay Gaensler under cc license


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