Traveling Around Europe This Summer? Here Are the Top Destinations for Music

Festivals and holidays based around nightclubs are becoming slightly old hat these days, but there are some surprising musical destinations that you may not have thought about before. Whatever your musical tastes there is a city that will accommodate your passions, so why not try a city break in one of these musical places?


Probably not first on the list of most people’s idea of a musical destination, but Berlin has plenty of surprises up its sleeve. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 led to a decline in use of some of the old buildings in the eastern parts of the city. Musicians were quick to spot the opportunity and took over a number of derelict sites for all-night electronic dance clubs. The craze soon spawned a whole new genre of music and ‘Techno’ was unleashed. The city has become well known on the DJ circuit, attracting top names to a variety of all-night parties.


In Ireland it’s all about the ‘craic’ and having a great time and that includes plenty of music. From a traditional sing-a-long to some of the most lively and infectious live music around, Dublin knows how to get your toes tapping in time to the music. Learning how to dance an Irish jig is optional! The city offers a huge range of venues, pubs and clubs featuring music from some of the biggest rock bands around to smaller, traditional pub evenings, meaning that there is something for everyone, whatever their taste in music.


London boasts a fantastic array of music venues from small and intimate gatherings to the huge stadiums of O2 and Wembley. Up and coming bands often begin their careers in the city, whilst some of the biggest names in rock occasionally perform at small and exclusive venues for dedicated fans. Whether you want to see your favourite band playing live or are hoping to hear live music from the ‘next big thing’, London has something to offer every lover of music.


Prague has a rich tradition of classical music that attracts visitors from around the world to visit its historic heart. Visit the city between May and June to experience the Spring International Music Festival featuring world-class performances of classical symphonies and chamber music. Prague also plays host to a thriving and vibrant jazz scene in scores of clubs and intimate venues. With the addition of a museum dedicated to old instruments and recordings the city is a music-lover’s dream.


The magical city of Vienna has been attracting composers and music lovers for centuries. Mozart spent much of his career in the city and a former home of his is open to the public. With a city centre so historic that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fabulous architecture includes plenty of examples of opera houses, concert halls and theatres, all offering a wealth of music to visitors. Visit a concert by the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra or experience some of the most entrancing waltzes as performed by the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in some of the most sublime buildings in Europe.

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