The new season of Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends will air on Saturday at 10 pm E/P on the Travel Channel.

First up is Philadelphia:

Sam’s heading to the City of Brotherly Love on a mission to keep costs down but the fun-factor high as ever. Whether it’s getting a heavyweight boxing lesson from a husband and wife team, taking a nocturnal tour of the world’s first penitentiary (hopefully sans the ghost of Al Capone) or smashing glass for a continuing arts project, Sam’s sparing no expense when it comes to pure enjoyment.

At 10.30 pm, Sam continues to Minnesota:

Bye-bye 5-star hotels, celebrity chefs and spa treatments, because this weekend Sam’s heading out of her comfort zone and into the great white north. With temperatures of minus 10 degrees in the frozen wilds of Minnesota, Sam will be pushed to her limit in an extreme weekend of dog sledding and out-of-this-world ice camping.

Sam will be traversing forests and frozen lakes in the beautiful Kawishiwi wilderness; learning to drive her own dog sled, setting up camp under the stars, plunging into icy water and falling asleep to the howls of huskies. There are no heated toilet seats or hot showers out here, just the great outdoors! After 48 hours just who will be the victor, Sam or the wild?

Don’t forget to watch episode highlights and the top 5 things to do in every destination. Find more information about the show at Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends.

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