The best of both worlds

Every year the moment of truth comes. Inevitably. “Where should we spend our summer holidays”? The Mediterranean seems like a no-brainer. But when having to choose among islands or a historical capital, the islands always win. There is one case though where the traveler can enjoy both the vibrant city buzz and the delight of being surrounded by sea at the same time; Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus.

Let’s start with the metropolitan elements. Limassol’s waterfront is fully renovated. A brand new marina, full of restaurants, bars and shops welcomes the visitors and promises fully satisfying walks by the sea. Nightlife is always interesting in Saripolou Street, wherethe party goes on well into the wee hours of the morning.Limassol has some fascinating offerings for the visitor who prefers art and culture. The acclaimed and certified International Greek Drama Festival takes place every summer and revives the ancient theatre at Kourion. Dance performances at the Rialto theatre, live music shows and design exhibitions are also frequent throughout the year.

As far as the island delights are concerned: the beaches around Limassol are famous for their beach bars. The sun beds at the most popular among them are sought after, since world class djs grace their decks, famous designers have created their décor and very graceful waiters make sure all guests are well looked after.For the adventure seekers there are: kitesurfing schools, scuba diving centres and yachting clubs. Those who prefer a more traditional tour should definitely try a walk around the picturesque village of Lefkaraor take the wine route from Kolossi to Avdimou.

Finally, make sure you choose Londa Hotel for your sojourn. This hotel is highly recommended because it does combine the pleasures of an island resort with the design and dynamics of a city hotel. Graced with the Small Luxury Hotel badge, winner of the World Traveler Awards and highly recommended on, it offers personal service of the highest level while it is strategically located on Georgiou A Street.

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