Cambridge Beyond the Academia

Although Cambridge is the infamous city where students who have left Oxford have established a new base of studies, the city has much to offer besides visits to old university buildings. While visiting this historic university town, we gathered some ideas for different places and things.

You can not leave Cambridge without trying the Cam. Punting moves a small plane on the river, which is propelled by a cane. This traditional punt activity continues in one of the few cities in the UK. It’s a great way to explore the city without getting tired and is a must for tourists. But beware of students – if you do not look, they could steal your pole!

Kettle’s Yard is an art gallery to visit as it houses a diverse collection of art from the 20th century as well as modern and contemporary art. The music is also listed here, so watch out for the midi concerts. Another art gallery to visit is the Primavera Gallery, home to many artists of the future. You will not only find the usual paintings, but also ceramics, sculptures and even furniture.

A visit to Cambridge in summer is perfect for festival goers. One of Cambridge’s most popular music and art festivals is the Strawberry Fair, which is usually held in early June. It is a very family-friendly festival and music lovers will enjoy a variety of artists. In mid-June, the summer festival takes place with many rides and a special market. In July, a folk festival takes place. The Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, which runs from July to August, attracts more than 25,000 visitors. Various works by Shakespeare are played outside and spectators can picnic in the gardens of the show before watching the games.

The night in Cambridge can be comfortable with a multitude of old or new pubs. If you want to experience local cider, visit the Thames Champion, which is excellent in winter for its roaring log fires. Many pubs boast of serving real beer and it’s a real “local” thing to do.

Cambridge is surrounded by other historic towns and villages that are worth a visit. These include the town of Ely, the rural village of Grantchester and the medieval town of King’s Lynn.

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