Rain on Your Tent or Camper: Activities to Keep Kids Busy Until Rainbows Form

Camping is a great excuse to get outside and spend time with your friends and family: you can visit new places, see the beauty of nature and get some fun activities in like fishing and swimming.

Of course, even the best camping trips are filled with downtime. Whether it’s because you’re in the woods for a long trip or one day it rains, you may want to take a few things along with you to fight boredom. Sometimes, fun activities that you can do in your tent can even help you fall asleep. Here are a few cool ideas that you can think about the next time you want your kids to have fun camping, even on bad weather days.


Coloring in coloring books has been a childhood pastime favorite for years. Kids can spend hours choosing drawings to color in. The problem is that you may not want to lug any more supplies around with you than you need to.

The good news is that your kids can have fun coloring right on their Android phone or tablet. The Coloring Book for Me & Mandala app gives you all of the fun of coloring without needing to pucha and carry colored pencils and paper. The app lets you color many different types of designs, from animal and plant life to geometric patterns and mandalas.

The app features over 200 colors and that are assigned to different color palettes, so matching the colors are easy. When they are finished, they can even share their creations on social media so their friends can see. Click here to learn more about this cool app.


When it starts to rain, you can always pile into one tent and play a good game of cards. Many card games have been around for years and are easy to learn, even for children.

There are a lot of fun card games for kids. You can play classics like Go Fish, Crazy 8s and Old Maid, or you can easily find new games to try online. Card games are a great way to have fun and teach your children helpful lessons like counting and forming strategies. Even after the rain stops, you may have trouble getting the kids back outside!

Tell Stories

Telling stories around a campfire at night is as old as camping itself, but you can also have fun telling stories in a tent.

You may think that camping stories are supposed to be scary — and some of the best one are — but you can also tell a funny story or a story that teaches a lesson. By taking turns telling stories, you and your children will waste away the hours until the rain stops. Here is a good list of stories that you can read or memorize for your next camping trip.

Don’t let bad weather ruin the fun of camping. Remember these simple activities the next time you’re in the woods and your kids have fun anytime.

Maisie Gardner is a stay-at-home Mom who has 2 daughters and is expecting a 3rd child in the summer, the sex being kept a surprise until delivery day!

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