Top Unusual Accommodation Ideas for Holidaying in the UK

Are you looking for a break from the usual? Why not plan an unusual trip this season? Living in a sea fortress or a railway carriage, you can choose from a number of weird options in the UK. This holiday, familiarize yourself with the unfamiliar.

You don’t have to trouble yourself with anything as we at Travel Club UK have done the background work for you. Here is a list of the best places to spend a few days in the unfamiliar ways. Let’s do something interesting this season.

1. Molly Dishwasher, Sussex

If you are the kind of person who would like to go with the trend then the shepherd’s hut is best choice for you. Just a few miles away from London, the Molly Dishwasher offers a refreshingly unique accommodation. This place is perfect if you are travelling with your family. Kids will have ample of activities and fresh open environment to do something “real” which is a rarity when living in urbanized apartments. Having a walk in the woods as the sun greets the chirping birds make for some serene and romantic moments.

The fact that it is close to nature and appears to be nothing more than a closed cabin doesn’t affect its comfort quotient. With plenty of ventilation combined with cozy beds and all kinds of modern amenities, it is sure to allure you. Its slightly secluded location gives you enough time away from the cities’ hustle bustle.

2. Ecopod Boutique Retreat, West Coast of Scotland

Looking for a unique staying experience? How about staying in a dome during this holiday? A mini dome, which is equipped with innovatively designed furniture. A perfect retreat, Ecopod Boutique is one of the best unusual accommodations in the UK. Located in Scotland, this self-catering hideaway has mesmerizing natural settings as well. Whether you are having a drink or two on the deck or a refreshing hot tub moment, the magnificent medieval tower-house Castle Stalker and Loch Laich will present you a pleasing visual treat.

If you want to enjoy some days relishing good food and fine wine, lounging by fire or going for romantic walk in the woods then this is the most suitable place for you. For exploring the areas nearby, you can rent bikes.

3. Spitbank Fort, Solent

For complete seclusion, away from the usual signs of human inhabitation, book your stay at Spitbank Fort. Located in the middle of Solent, Spitbank is a historic sea fortress which was home to many soldiers who used to guard approaches to Portsmouth. It is now a luxury hotel. What can be more thrilling than staying right at a sea fortress and basking in its past glory and modern luxuries?

It has everything for a luxury holiday ranging from spa to three restaurants, each better than the other, and bustling bars to exquisite rooms. Want to have a private party at own fortress or like to celebrate your wedding in the most unusual way, plan your stay at Spitbank Fort.

4. The Railway Inn, Norfolk

Another interesting place for an unusual holiday is the Railway Inn. Located in Norfolk, it is nothing less than a paradise for train lovers. The old charm of this luxurious railway carriage promises a memorable experience to all. Comfortable beds, amazingly indulgent bathrooms and mouthwatering breakfast. And all these you can get inside a railway carriage. Your stay here is sure going to one of its kinds at the Railway Inn.

During your stay here, do spend an evening or afternoon at the Burnham Market, the outskirt of which this hotel is located. Based on whether you are travelling with your family or just your partner you can choose the room. From a family room to the double room double-room former train carriage, all are finely furnished guaranteeing an amusing stay in a distinctive manner.

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