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Unless you’ve found that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, you will probably be looking to save a few pounds when it comes to planning your next holiday. There are ways to holiday on a budget, and this is nothing to do with old visions of hostels and going somewhere you don’t really fancy, and it’s more to do with just being a little money savvy wherever possible.

Most of these bargains are found online, so if you’re not too familiar with the internet, maybe enlist the help of someone who is, to help you grab all the best deals. There’s no denying that it’s often a case of booking your flight, accommodation, and transfer separately in order to find the lowest prices, because this way you can take advantage of sales and deals on all three aspects of your break, adding up to a big saving.

Unless you’re an experienced holiday bargain hunter, you might not really know where to start, but once you’re into the swing of things, you’ll realise how you can keep cash in your pocket in some very surprising ways.

Shop around for insurance

Don’t be tempted to jump at the first quote you’re given when it comes to sorting out your insurance policy, and instead, shop around. You could also save quite a decent amount of money if you purchase an annual insurance policy, if you’re planning on going away a few times during the year, cutting down on the need to buy single trip policies every time.

Consider flying indirect

Skyscanner is probably your best bet for the greatest range of budget flights, checking all airlines and routes in one easy search. If during your search you find an indirect route that is considerably cheaper, don’t count the idea out! Flying indirect might add a bit more time onto your journey, but if the price is right and the inconvenience isn’t too much, then it’s certainly worth looking into.

Do you need a suitcase?

This might sound like a ridiculous question, but think about it – booking a suitcase onto a return flight can cost you up to £40 in most cases, but do you really need it if you book with an airline who give you a generous amount of hand luggage? Some airlines give up to 10kg, so if you can be ruthless, and you’re not going away for too long, then it is possible to cram everything into your hand luggage and buy your toiletries at the airport. Obviously if you’re heading away for a two weeks’ holiday, or you only have 5kg to play with, this isn’t an option for you.

Look at when you fly

If you can avoid the peak summer school holidays then you’re more likely to save money, so consider June, September or October if you have the freedom to go whenever you like. As far as days are concerned, flights tend to be higher at the weekends, so look at mid-week options.

If you are planning to visit America, you should know about ESTA USA. It is an online application procedure introduced by the USA administration to pre-screen voyagers before they are permitted to board a ship or an aero plane or ship bound for the USA.

All of these tips will save you money, but if you combine them together, you’re looking at a major bargain indeed!

Featured courtesy of Stephen Oachs under cc license


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