3 Broadway Shows That Are Perfect for Kids

If there is one amazing thing about Broadway shows, it’s that there is something for everyone. There are obviously a number of shows that you would hope that your kids never see. Yet there are also plenty of kid-friendly shows of the highest caliber. These shows are critically acclaimed with Tony award-winning casts and top rate production value. Of course, these shows will keep parents entertained as well.

Here are three kid-friendly Broadway performances that you won’t want to miss. You might already be familiar with these stories if you have read the books or seen the films, but that doesn’t make seeing them on Broadway any less fun.

“The Lion King”

No matter how many times you have watched the 1994 Disney animated film, “The Lion King” play will speak to you. In fact, fans of the Disney classic might even love the musical more. “The Lion King” is truly a play for all ages. Your children will be at the edge of their seats throughout the entire performance. The colors are so bright and dynamic that it is hard to look away. At the same time, the music will keep you singing along throughout, especially if you love the classic songs. The beautiful moral of the story and the focus on family values make “The Lion King” a favorite for parents as well.


Aladdin” is a another Disney classic that works beautifully on the stage. “Aladdin” is a child-friendly play with compelling bad guys, non-stop action, and the ultimate rags-to-riches story. The fast pace and fulfilling drama of “Aladdin” make it one of the best Broadway shows for children. The comedy, the hilarious Genie character, the over-the-top accents, and the bright costumes will keep your kids chuckling and engaged throughout. Parents also love the heartwarming messages of never forgetting where you came from and the downfalls of chasing after money and fame, which “Aladdin” expresses beautifully.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

You may have grown up reading the classic Roald Dahl novel or watching the 1971 film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” but your young ones might not be that familiar with the story. Charlie is a heartwarming story with an honest and virtuous lead character. Young Charlie runs into some less than savory children throughout the play, who serve as cautionary tales against greed, fame, and even eating too much candy.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” remains one of the most fun and fulfilling plays on Broadway. The story is packed with memorable music, unforgettable characters like Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas, and a mesmerizing set. Your children’s mouths will be watering throughout. The dream of taking over and owning a chocolate factory would appeal to anyone, but it is nothing less than the ultimate fantasy of any boy or girl!

Finding the perfect Broadway show for your whole family is easier than you might think. These are just three of the most popular and entertaining choices currently on offer.

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