How to Pack Light with the Awol Bag: A Step-by-Step Guide

Imagine the sun kissing the edge of the morning, the orchestral waves in your ears, the refreshing ocean mist in your face – your toes dug deep into the silky sands of Destin, somewhere nothing spoils your fun at the beach… except the stuff you haul it mountains of you! Yikes!

But beach lovers, we’ve got a sweet secret for you! It whispers the promise of endless sun-drenched escapes, without chain lifts. Dear beach lovers, meet your new travel buddy — the Avol Bag!

What is an Avol bag?

The Avol bag, my friends, is just any bag. It is a delicate canvas, a testament to its practicality and a tribute to the art of light packaging. This cool companion is about simplifying life and freeing your hands (and mind!) for what really matters, whether it’s building that sand castle with your kiddo or catching that beautiful Destin sunset .

Why is changing lighting important?

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why bother installing lighting?” Oh, picture this: It’s your last day in paradise, and instead of soaking up every last bit of sunshine, you’re struggling with your overstuffed suitcase (did you need those swimsuits the seven?) Doesn like a dreamy end to a vacation, right?

Now, cue in smart, light packing. Imagine gliding through airport security with ease, navigating busy streets with no problems, and leaving tedious luggage hauling from car to car. Changing the lighting is all about making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Benefits of using Awol Bag for illumination

So, why succumb to the allure of the Avol bag? What is “chosen” for beach lovers? Here’s the scoop:

  • ‘Just Enough’ Space: Awol plays smart with bag space. The design encourages you to pack only the essentials, eliminating the infamous “just in case” features that never see the light of day.
  • Versatility at heart: Beach gear, road trip essentials or picnic knick-knacks, the Avol Bag is for everything. Its flexible and adaptable nature makes it a faithful companion on any journey.
  • Easy Peasy Accessibility: Say goodbye to minor heartaches when you can’t find your car keys or that bottle of sunscreen. The Avol bag comes with smartly separated pockets, making searching a thing of the past.

Step-by-step instructions on how to install a lighter in the Avol Bag

Dance with the waves and laugh with the sun as we whisk you away on an unforgettable packing trip. Beach lovers, get together, because we have the ultimate step-by-step guide just for you! It’s time to spread your wings and feather the Avol bag!

  1. Choosing the right fabric

Now, let’s get into our first step. How should you feed the hungry stomach of your Avol Bag? Don’t be afraid! We hit the bullseye with three simple PG tips:

Versatility is key: Dress like a pro by including clothes that can withstand your travel chameleon mood. Think mix-and-match ability, space-saving beach-inspired bar dresses, and a bright style.

Sit on the bankers: We know—your closet screams colors. But remember, we play smart here. Sticking to neutral tones, they match with almost anything and, hey presto, can get glammed up or toned down in a pinch!

Don’t say bulk: Jeans and sweaters may be comfortable, but they’re also notorious space huggers. Swap them out for lighter items and you’ll hear your Awol Bag sigh in relief!

  1. Folding your clothes

Move up, fold-and-stack rule – your time is up! Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Roll and Tuck. Trust me, clothes don’t sing ‘blue’ when folded:

In space: Roll up your shirt and like those tiny little beach burritos! They are conveniently hugged, leaving plenty of room for your other beach foods.

Farewell, Wrinkle!: Perfectly done, pesky wrinkles are bid adieu with floral rolls. When you take your shirt off, it feels as crisp as the Destin morning air.

  1. Embrace the magic of compression cubes

Marvel at these little mystery boxes that effortlessly encapsulate the secrets of space saving and organization. Compression cubes are the beach-y superheroes of the material world:

Diminishing superpowers: be prepared to be vigilant! Compression cubes can reduce your clothes by up to 50%. Now, that’s a nice space-saving spell!

Magical Organization: Directed by the Travel Sorting Hat (yes, that’s the compression cube), it’s time to shake hands with the mess of mismatched clothes.

  1. Listen only for important siren calls

Just listen to the gentle siren song of necessity, guiding you to the choices that really matter, and let go of anything that tends to stifle your packing fantasies:

Wish list: Craft a tantalizing list of things you absolutely, insanely, greatly need. Acknowledge their priorities, and let your Avol bag welcome them with open arms.

  • Break the memory label: Write your memories in your heart, not on unnecessary memorabilia. Adventure awaits, and buying souvenirs at your destination will be even sweeter.
  • Cosmetic Tango: Dance off heavy cosmetic packaging! Swing by the local store at your destination and waltz your way into lightweight stuff.

Tips on using the Awol Bag to add light

Let’s get ready for a tour of things that will leave you feeling warm and breezy! Over at Ahoy, we fished out some interesting insights on how to use your beach-buddy Awol Bag for lightweight packing. Lace it up for heightened fun!

Sail through a sea of ​​barrels

The adventurous spirit of the Awol Bag lies in its many rooms, each as enticing as the stunning blue waves of Destin:

  • Safe Harbor for Big People: Let your fear of losing bulky items like shoes and jackets sink into the depths of big pockets. They will be relaxed, snug and cozy, ready to roll with the holiday vibe.
  • Small Treasures: With the small sheets, the Awol Bag’s secret cavity is perfect for your pint-sized toiletries like toiletries and electronics. Arrange them in that corner, and hey presto, no more playing mining and exploring!
  • Quick Sand Classrooms: Kiss goodbye to the mad fumbling of must-have supplies. The Awol Bag gets a convenient pocket to safely store your passport, phone, and more. A quick and easy trip!

Bottom’s Up for the heaviest

Keep your heaviest items away from the bottom of the bag and engage in smart packaging. Voila ! You have even just sorted out the weight distribution! Now, wasn’t it as relaxing as going to a pristine Destin beach to carry your bag?

Stringed drums for a merry ride

This sporty travel pack includes an adjustable strap for the Bliss Travel Avol bag.

Snug but Fun: Aim for that sweet spot where your straps are snug but comfortable, and make every trip with your backpack as fun as a hot beach day!


And so, sun-drenched friends, we surveyed the intrusive waves of light with our trusty Avol bags. It is time to wash off the sand, drink some orange juice and reminisce about our tropical adventure.

The highlights of our trip

As we navigated our sea of ​​gossip, we discovered the hidden treasures of Awol’s bag:

With its impressive buildings that are as versatile as the stars, the ocean was occupied by the largest and smallest objects that would take your belongings like sand

The gravity-loving principle of stacking heavy objects on the bottom to balance the weight to shore.

The waves of comfort created by adjustable lines, give well however, making any journey a breeze to land.

The light and airy advantage of the Awol bag

When you indulge in the perks, the Avol Bag is a real whisper of a beach affair on your trip, making packing less of a fight and more of an island celebration! It turns the dull task of packing into a light dance around a beach bonfire. By weaving structure, space, and comfort for your clothes, accessories shine like the stars of the sea!

Dare to dance with lighter weights!

Now it’s your turn, beach babes and shoreline studs! Listen to the siren call of the Awol Bag. Step onto the lightweight dance floor and move around in a smooth manner. Wave back to the days of slow weights and stop celebrating the carefree packaging! With a bag of avol in one hand and an orange in the other, any trip to Destin or beyond is a beach party.

Ready to feel light, free, and sunny? We thought so. Awol bag, here we come!

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