3 Reasons To Visit The Forest Of Dean

Peace and quiet. Those are two words that are often used but rarely experienced. More often than not, our days are filled with traffic jams, constantly buzzing cell phones, and mindless chatter. Not exactly the serenity we crave. Not to worry! There are places in the world that offer real peace and quiet. Like the Forest of Dean. It is found in the western part of Gloucestershire, England. The area is not just peaceful. It is also spectacularly beautiful. Visitors are able to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous woodland areas. You can be one of them. Here are four reasons to visit the Forest of Dean.

1)There Are Memorable Places To Stay During Your Visit

Hotels are great and all…but they are pretty commonplace. They are in every city both small and large. But who wants to stay at the same old hotels? Experiencing the same old things? Your trip to the Forest of Dean will be memorable for a lot of different reasons. One of the most notable? The accommodations. Instead of standard hotels and inns you can enjoy both luxury and nature in a cottage. Yes, you can stay in a holiday cottage there. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like. Picture the incredible views and the lush scenery. Think of how it would feel to be so completely and totally connected with nature. Staying in a cottage allows you to fully experience the Forest of Dean.

2)You Can Fill Your Days With Incredible Experiences

Still not sure if you want to travel to the Forest of Dean? Then consider all of the incredible things to see and do there. There is the Royal Forest Of Dean, for instance. This is a must visit spot for visitors to the area. There are beautiful woodland areas as well as a number of hiking trails. That means you can walk around, explore the area, and take in all of those fantastic views. The Clearwell Caves are another great option as is the Dean Forest Railway (where you can take a ride on the train), the International Centre For Birds of Prey (this will give you the chance to see incredible birds up close and personal), or go on a white water rafting tour. One thing is for sure. Every moment of your trip will be memorable.

3)There Are Some Incredible Local Restaurants and Cafes To Try

Let’s be honest. Sometimes food is the best part of a vacation. Not only does it feel good to let someone else do the cooking…but it is a great chance to try something new. To indulge in different dishes. Guess what? You will definitely eat well in the Forest of Dean. There are a number of local restaurants and cafes to try. Each one has their own signature dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Yum! Head to a nearby pub or visit a noteworthy restaurant, like The Globe Inn or The Butchers Arms. Your stomach will definitely thank you.

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