Things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital. The city’s Adelaide Festival is an annual international arts gathering with spin-offs including fringe and film events.

Adelaide is the heart of the world’s opal industry, selling gorgeous stones from South Australian mines. The heart of the greenbelt is divided by the meandering River Torrens, which passes the Festival Centre in its prettiest stretch.
The Adelaide of this period is extremely more complex, with a large, multinational population and successful urban art and music scenes supported by a “space activation program” that encourages pop-up shops, markets, performances, street food, minifestivals, art exhibitions, and other “off-the-cuff” experiences in the city’s underutilized streets and public spaces.

Art Gallery of South Australia

There are lots of Things to do in Adelaide. The Art gallery is a must see site for all visitors and locals. This is an imaginatively theme, informative and beautifully creative exhibition around the human figure in art from Rodin to the present day. Do not miss this place that is easy to get to. It is worth to visit when in Adelaide. There are many Things to do in Adelaide and opportunities to discover art. It’s an easy walking distance from Adelaide’s main shopping precinct Rundle Mall. This old building near the university and museum is easy to find and accessible. There is always the opportunity to pick up a beautiful gift for the art lover from the gift shop.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a tranquil retreat on the north-eastern corner of the CBD and is a much-loved refuge for visitors and locals alike. It’s a retreat in the Centre of the city which takes you to another dimension. It occupies 51 hectares of land between North Terrace and Botanic Park and between the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Hackney Road. Don’t miss the water lilies with leaves so big an adult would be able to sit on them. It is great for all generations, especially in spring and summer.

Adelaide Zoo

This is one of the smaller zoos in Australia also lots of Things to do in Adelaide. This is a well-maintained zoo. Presentations are very good. Animals are healthy and play with each other such as monkeys. It’s very nice to walk into the rainforest birds. And it’s a unique opportunity to admire the giant pandas. This is very well maintained and excellent for children. The new nature playground is fantastic place for kids. Easy walk from the city Centre. You will see plenty of animals and they all looked happy and healthy.

South Australian Museum

A must see for all Australians and International visitors. There is a lot Things to do in Adelaide museum. The museum has numerous collections the Australian Native Cultural collection is particularly good & worth seeing. The museum has good displays of taxidermy animals from around the world. It is well located in the city Centre, next to the Art Gallery and the Immigration Museum. A small museum geared to children and Very well set up for kids.

Waterfall Gully

It is a nice for the traveler and easy trail. There are walks for all abilities and plenty of photo opportunities. The attraction is only about 10km from the city of Adelaide. The hike from Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty is a great way to wake up in the morning and also lot of Things to do in Adelaide. This is a very popular walk going to the top of Mount Lofty. Beautiful main waterfall and lovely smaller waterfall further along the trail which you can have access to. The track to the first fall is about 400m and up a steep slope. The second fall is further at 600m but the track is gentle.

Henley Square

The views and beach here are spectacular place for traveler, as good as any you’ll find at any suburban beach anywhere. Sand is white, water is clear and it’s a great way to spend a warm day. Lot of Things to do in Adelaide, like in Henley square is within walking distance and full of great eating places. It is located at the end of the Tram Line; it takes about 3/4 hour to travel to the city. There are a couple of good restaurants to enjoy a meal such as The Coffee Club, the big pub across from that, Estia and the Copenhagen Ice Cream Shop. Summer is very busy so get in early.

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