5 Outdoor Activity Gadgets Beginners Will Love

Stepping up to a nice, flat campsite with the familiar ring and grill combo as well as a worn picnic table is a huge relief coming from the urban life. You no longer have to worry about where to find food or the amount of food you can carry – living the outdoorsy life is virtually trouble- and worry-free! All you need to do is pull up in your vehicle, unload and seat back, and let nature soak in.

For the more adventurous, setting up base close to outdoor activities offers you access to day hikes, bouldering, whitewater rafting, and fishing, without carrying your gear all over. Wake up early in the morning, and you can do everything you want to do.

However, if you are just starting out on this outdoor adventure thing, you may require some of the best gadgets to ensure your stay is as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Here is a list of some of the best and most useful camping gadgets outfitted with extra functionality that ensures you have a blast in the wild!

1. A Rugged, Outdoor-Focused Smartwatch

The outdoors and gadgets don’t go well together. Expect things like mud, dust, heat, and water to wreak havoc on any hi-tech device you have.
However, outdoor sports smartwatches are an entirely different breed. These smartwatches are specifically designed to work even when fully immersed in the rigors of nature.

The smart devices are also capable of handling a multitude of tasks. The best smartwatch for your outdoor activities combines the job of telling time with an altimeter, a compass and several other things.

However, for a watch to qualify as an outdoor duty smartwatch it has to offer you several key features. Some of the core and optional features to look for when buying an outdoors smartwatch include:

• Durability – To withstand elements like dust and water

• Core sensors: The smartwatch for outdoor activities should at least offer you ABC, meaning an Altimeter, a Barometer, and a Compass – critical for outdoor survival and exploration.

• Helpful extras – Including GPS/GLONASS capability, a thermometer, software, and advanced connectivity

As you look at reviews of the best smart watches, remember that you are looking for a handy tool that you can use on the go, without reaching for a compass or map. Always keep the batteries fully charged, and if possible, carry an extra battery if the watch has GPS functionality.

2. Solar Lighting

Whether you are as far away from mainstream civilization as you can go or not, most outdoor activities take place away from the main amenities. One such amenity is electricity, which can be rare in some locations.

It’s great to lie back at night and let the night sky be your only source of light. However, there are some major drawbacks to having to work without extra light sources.

A good solar lamp for camping provides you with plenty of benefits. When choosing a solar lantern, make sure it meets these qualities to meet your peculiar requirements:

• Solid, simple construction – The lantern should be able to withstand constant bumping, knocking over and dirt.

• Fast charge time – Solar lanterns that take forever to fully charge can be unreliable. However, sunny weather isn’t a guarantee at all times, and your solar lamp should be in a position to take full advantage of the sunlight available.

• Bright illumination: A solidly constructed solar lamp with fast charging time is useless if it doesn’t provide enough light. Carrying out your research and choosing solar lamp that actually provides great lighting is critical. It’s better than being stuck in the dark.

3. A Weather Radio

Weather radios are designed to warn people in case of dangerous weather events like tsunamis, hurricanes and cyclones. The U.S. and Canadian governments broadcast these alerts via high-frequency radio networks under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

This explains why these radios are also called NOAA weather radios.

Rechargeable or replaceable batteries emergency radios are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or moving to safety during threats like earthquakes. While they are not explicitly designed to receive weather alerts, they work well in emergencies.

Most weather radios for camping have the following features:

• Highly portable

• High-end models can be set to trigger once a life-threatening hazard is close

• Most have built-in whip antenna for receiving signals, but you can bolster signal strength by adding an external antenna

• Portable weather radios run on batteries, AC power sources, have hand-crank generators, or solar panels

• Most weather radios offer audible alerts even when turned off

• Your weather radio should be durable and easy to use

4. Backpack

Why spend nights in a shelter with 15 other people when you can easily carry just about all your belongings and set up camp literally anywhere you want. Backpacking is popular for enthusiasts for the solitude, challenge and beauty it offers.

Fortunately, you can now haul overnight gear – more easily than you thought possible. Today, you will find hundreds of backpacks across stores. Some are minimalist and lightweight, while others are burly and feature-laden.

While each backpack style has its advantages and disadvantages, the trade-offs are dependent on your individual use. The basic backpack offers you the capacity to carry all your minimum necessities or all your luxuries as you head into the woods.

While choosing your backpack, you should be aware that most unisex fit are typically geared toward men. For this reason, it would be helpful to look at women-designed options on the market too.

5. A Survival Multi-Tool

For millions of years, tools have always been a key part of humankind’s survival. From early creations like bows and arrows, the knife, and the wheel to today’s computers and vehicles, tools have played a critical role in improving lives.

Modern technology has made it possible for amazing survival multi-tools to be created. These devices serve as entire toolboxes that attach to your hip or slip easily into your outdoor backpack.

Today’s multi-tools are packable, lightweight and great for everyday use and survival situations. While they are not effective as dedicated tools, they still pack a punch you’ll feel once you use them in the wild.

There are three main multi-tool options available on the market:

• Swiss army knives – Classic folding knives that have been used as a survival tool for more than a century. Today, they feature a host of tool combinations.

• Folding multi-tools – They are more robust than traditional Swiss-army knives and even have a pair of pliers!

• Survival business cards – They are simple multi-tools that squeeze as many survival gadgets into a single piece of metal the size of a credit card. These tools fit in wallets, backpacks and even key chains without a problem.

Some of the things to look for when buying a multi-tool include compatibility and weight. In addition, look for multi-tools that have specialty tools that are specifically designed for the outdoors environment.


Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors – and a favorite pastime for millions all over the world. There’s something about taking time from your daily activities and striking out in the wilderness. Even if it’s for just a short time, connecting with nature and taking part in awesome outdoor activities can do wonders for your mental well being.

Fortunately, there are some useful outdoor gadgets whether you are camping in luxury or slumming it. Such accessories include a solar lantern, weather radio, smartwatch, backpack, and a multi-tool.

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