5 Rumors About Traveling to Costa Rica That Are Absolutely True

You’ve heard the rumors about traveling to Costa Rica. Could it be as fun and affordable as they all say? Let’s take a look at five that are actually true to get to the bottom of it.

1) Costa Rica is more accessible to Americans in 2015.

American travelers only need a plane ticket and passport to enjoy Costa Rica. Things continue to get even more accessible. Southwest is extending its flights this year, offering great rates for budget travelers. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has also opened offices while familiar American chains like Dippin’ Dots and Little Caesars continue to expand, providing many of the comforts of home while still being able to explore an exotic and exciting region.


2) Costa Rica joins developed nations in the OECD.

Costa Rica continues to flourish as a provider of ecotourism. They received an invitation to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which creates policies to advance the economies and societies of member nations.

Upon approval, Costa Rica will be the first Central American country to join. Puravida, indeed!

3) The volcanoes are active.

The Turrialba volcano sure has shaken up the country recently. Remnants of its eruption have been felt as far as east as San Jose with bits of ash falling from the sky. Volcanology enthusiasts will love the chance to see an active volcano.

And don’t worry — tourism shows no signs of slowing down and eruptions have been benign. Head to the Nicoya peninsula if you’d rather bury your toes in sand and avoid the issue altogether. We recommend Ylang Ylang Beach Resort at the southern tip (near Montezuma) for relaxation and luxury if volcanic activity is not your idea of a good time.

4) Coffee is better in Costa Rica.

Coffee is one of Costa Rica’s major prides. Take a sip and you’ll understand right away why it’s called the golden bean. This delicious beverage is a key part of the country’s economy.

Today, more and more cooperatives are being developed to provide fair wages to coffee farmers and pickers. Coffee tours are available all over the country. Whether you visit the farms of Monteverde or Naranjo, you’ll love learning about coffee’s rich history and flavor in Costa Rica.

5) Costa Rica is affordable.

Looking for an affordable vacation but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or luxury? A Costa Rica beach resort is exactly what you need. You can find bungalows and beach suites at reasonable prices, allowing you to enjoy your exotic location to the fullest!

Sometimes you can believe the rumors. Come to Costa Rica and see for yourself!



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