5 Things to Take Into Account When Planning a Trans-Siberian Railway Holiday

For many centuries, this region of the world was very much out of reach for the average tourist, what with political divisions and a general lack of infrastructure, yet today, it is possible to book a Trans-Siberian train journey that offers an insight into the way the people live, while enjoying the unrivalled natural beauty that only this part of the world can offer. If you are toying with the idea of booking such a trip, here are some important points to bear in mind.

1. Constant Motion – Some tourists never consider how spending 10 days on a train can affect the body, and if you tend to suffer from travel sickness, you had better stock up well with your meds. If you are taking any medication, make sure you have more than enough for the trip, as purchasing may not be an option. It is also worth remembering to bring some reading material, and while you might be able to access content online, one can never expect a good connection. Perhaps a history hardback about Genghis Kahn or Alexander the Great would be appropriate to whet your appetite for the stunning landscapes that are steeped in history.

2. Do Some Online Research – This should be done prior to departing, and perhaps you could save the websites onto an iPad, which will come in very handy. There is much to learn about the local people and their history, and you will find you appreciate the experience so much more, armed with the knowledge about the region. Once you have learned about this unique region, you can check out some well thought out Trans Siberian railway tours from the Trans Siberian Travel Company, the leading operator for unique experiences that include the rail journey.

3. Photography – If you are an IT buff who is into photography, you will want to take your laptop and a few big SD cards, then you can upload your images on a daily basis, and with such a scenic train ride, you won’t want to stop shooting both video and stills. Make sure you check out the electric supply and have the relevant convertors safely packed away in your backpack (suitcases are not recommended). A power bank would also be a good idea, as this will guarantee your camera is always at the ready.

4. Stopover Tours – No one would take the Trans-Siberian Railway tour and not disembark, and with so many stops, you really do need to get a clear idea of what exactly the region has to offer. If you really want to experience life on the Mongolian Steppes, you can go and stay in an established camp, and go horse riding and fishing, while immersing yourself in the local culture.

5. The Right Clothing – This is essential, and the variation between winter and summer is quite stark. Your tour operator would brief you fully regarding suitable clothing, and one must remember that sub-zero temperatures are considered the norm here, and as far as wind is concerned, bitingly cold is perhaps the best description.

Providing you book with an established tour operator, you should be fine, as they have all the information you need, and with many stopover packages available, you can really tailor the holiday to include your favourite activities.

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