8 Great Reasons to Visit England

England is ranked among the greatest tourist destinations in Europe and the world. From the ancient royal palaces to the modern structures, parks, beaches, and special events, you will definitely enjoy visiting most of the of tourist attractions in this great country. Here are some of the things you should do and see when you visit England.

Visit Big Ben

The Big Ben Clock Tower is one of England’s main tourist attractions. This 150-year old monument derives its name from the massive 13-ton bell in the tower and the man who first ordered for the bell – Sir Benjamin Hall. This tower is 3rd largest free-standing clock tower on earth. It has become a major symbol of London and England and it has appeared in several movies. Big Ben is located very close to the British House of Parliament.

Get Unto the London EyeLondon Eye

The London Eye is the huge Ferris wheel that is designed to give you great aerial views of the city of London. As it turns around very slowly, you can see an amazing birds-eye view of the South Bank of London. The wheel can lift you up to height of about 400 feet. Although the ride does not last for a very long time, the views you will see are truly unbeatable.

Explore the Tower of London

The Tower of London consists of 20 different towers located on 12-acre parcel of land. Since it was founded in 1066 as a part of the Norman Conquest of England, it has served as one of the royal palaces before it became a prison from 1100 till the mid 20th century. This great royal monument is sometimes referred to as the most haunted building in London. Six ravens live here and many believe that they guard the tower. Because of the strong belief that if any of them dies, the tower will collapse, a seventh raven has been added. After spending a whole day in the Tower of London, you will still feel like coming back for more.

Watch Great Sporting Events

Premier League football and the annual Wimbledon Grand Slam tennis event are two major sporting events you should see when you visit England. Virtually every major city in England has a football team with tens of thousands of excited fans and followers. In England alone, four Premier League clubs entertain their fans with every weekend. So when you visit England, make sure you watch a match involving one of the league’s elite clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester City. Click here for more info on how to get your Premier League tickets online.

Check out the Windsor CastleWindsor Castle

The majestic Windsor Castle is one of Queen Elizabeth II’s official residences. She uses it for both private and state entertainment on weekends. The longest surviving buildings in this castle where built during the reign of Henry II. He ascended the throne in 1154. That is why Windsor Castle is known as one of the biggest and oldest inhabited castles on earth. You can visit most parts of the castle including St. George’s Chapel and the elegant State Apartments.

See the York Minster

York Minster is one of the biggest Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe and it stands out on the skyline of this ancient city. The building depicts every major stage of England’s Gothic architectural development. The cathedral complex was founded about 1230 AD and it was finished in 1472. One of the great wonders in this building is the East Window. This window is the longest expanse of stained glass constructed during the medieval era.

Explore the Lake District

Situated in the North-western part of England, in Cumbria County, the Lake District is England’s biggest national park. It has an amazing and inspiring scenery created by several lakes, mountains and valleys which were carved out by many years of glacial erosion. This is the best destination in England for climbing and hiking. The park has great accommodation for various kinds of budgets. About 14 million tourists from England and other countries of the world visit the Lake District National Park annually.

Durham Cathedral

Located on a prominent hill in the city of Durham beside the prestigious Durham Castle, this cathedral is widely accepted as the greatest Norman building in Europe. Founded in August, 1093, the building has undergone many reconstructions and modifications but most of the initial Norman design is still intact. In a national poll conducted by the BBC, it was nominated as the best loved historic building in England.


These are just a few of the many unique tourist attractions you will see when you visit England. Before you come to England, make sure you find out the best time to visit these sites or attend these events so you can enjoy a very rewarding tour.

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