3 Affordable & Alternative Holiday Accommodation Options

Sick and tired of spending big on disappointing hotel rooms? If you’re tired of small rooms and high prices, consider staying elsewhere next time you go on holiday.

From private cottages to beautiful holiday lodges, read on to learn about three low-cost, high-comfort alternative holiday accommodation options that are catching on with in-the-know travellers.

1. Pack a tent and camp in beautiful nature

One of the best ways to truly enjoy summer is to go camping. Whether you’re going on holiday by yourself, with your spouse, or with your entire family, a camping trip is a great way to appreciate nature for what it really is.

Small holiday tents allow you to inexpensively appreciate the English countryside in all its beauty, while large tents give you all the comforts of a lodge or hotel. If you’re itching to get the most out of summer, camping is a great way to achieve your goals.

Remember that you can’t just camp anywhere. Look online to find camping sites in the destination that you’d like to visit, check the weather for rain, and pack up your bags and get ready to go camping if the weather is looking good.

2. Check in to a beautiful caravan or holiday lodge

When it comes to holiday accommodation, hotels certainly don’t have a monopoly on being great places to stay. Instead of the generic hallways and crowded cafés of most hotels, opt for the calm and comfort of a beautiful holiday park.

Many people assume you need to own a holiday home to stay at a holiday park. Not so. Many holiday park operators, such as the Lake District’s South Lakeland Lodges, allow visitors to rent holiday homes during the time they’re on holiday.

3. Don’t stay in a hotel room – rent a private cottage

Want the comfort and exclusivity of a hotel room without the cramped bedroom, the crowded restaurants, or the long queues at check-in? Think about renting a cottage, either directly or through a tourist accommodation agency.

There’s no better way to get a ‘local experience’ than to stay in local accommodation, and a private cottage is hard to beat in terms of local cred. So, for your next trip, why not enjoy a private, comfortable, and charming place to stay in your own English country cottage.

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