A Backpacking Guide for Southeast Asia

Backpacking is not uncommon in Southeast Asia and, in fact, most of the travelers here explore the countries of Southeast Asia on a backpacking trail. The popular trails take you through beautiful Thailand, into Thailand and later moves to Malaysia and Singapore. November to April months are the most popular for backpackers because of the excellent weather. Despite the vastness of the region, one finds little variations during their trip. For example, food and accommodations are quite cheap. Moreover, the transportation types don’t vary too much. Exploring the Southeast Asian countries is like being propelled into an alternate reality. Feel your senses getting stimulated by the chaotic symphony of Southeast Asia. Get ready for a most rewarding experience ever.

Southeast Asia is indeed a paradise for every backpacker, no matter where you are from. You can look forward to an affordable, friendly and safe experience. However, it can be a daunting task to plan a backpacking trip, because of the vast diversity of the Southeast Asian region. You need to decide when to go, where to stay and what the best possible itineraries that cover almost everything are.

Where to Go

Backpacking in Southeast Asia can be challenging because of the truly large region. There are eight main countries, and each one of them is special and unique in their own ways. One can plan a great backpacking adventure within each country. The good news is that backpacking here is very cheap when compared to traveling in other parts of the world. One can enjoy an awesome experience within their budget. Savor the best street food and fruits in Vietnam or enjoy the best and cheapest scuba diving in Malaysia. You can explore ancient temples and monasteries in Myanmar or participate in yoga classes in Indonesia. Party all night in Thailand, and in Laos you can keep busy hiking through the dense jungles with wildlife and massive waterfalls. Ride a motorbike in Cambodia to explore off the beaten paths or enjoy the golden beaches of Philippines.

Where to stay

Backpackers need not worry about accommodation as the costs are meager when compared to other countries. One can easily find rooms for as low as $5! However, if you are looking at popular hotels such as Grand Alora Hotel, the costs can go slightly higher, but the stay is both comfortable and affordable. Throughout the region, expect to pay about $15-20 per night for a private room. Keep in mind that the costs can go higher if looking for a room in touristy areas and dense cities. Look for hostels and guesthouses or homestays on the outskirts of the cities. Backpackers need not book accommodation in advance and can just book a room on the spot.

Popular Travel Itineraries for Backpackers

There is so much to do and see in Southeast Asia that certainly carries a certain degree of chaos. Here are a couple of backpacking trips in a few regions that should be on your radar. It is advisable to stick to shorter trips that are just about a week or two weeks long, and the choices are endless. Stay at one of the Alor Setar hotels that are very popular among backpackers who get the best value out of their money.

• You can cover Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos individually in about two weeks.

• Fly into Thailand and explore the city and its spectacular temple ruins for a few days. Later, head for Cambodia to check out Angkor Wat and Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. From there visit the hippie mountain town of Pai.

• You could plan a longer itinerary by combining two countries such as Thailand and Cambodia or Thailand and Malaysia. You could also explore a chunk of the Philippines or Indonesia. Enjoy trekking bonanza, scuba diving and an exceptional culinary experience on the way.

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