The Best Christmas Light Switch-Ons around Britain

When it comes to Christmas lights there are varying extremes, from a lone string of coloured lights around a window to a full on LED winter wonderland. Obviously, the former aren’t going to make the news, but there are a number of Christmas light switch-ons around Britain which certainly do. Here are the top three for your to enjoy:

Arty Covent Garden

Renowned across the capital and beyond for the spectacular seasonal displays held there, Covent Garden doesn’t fail to astound with its Christmas offerings including lights, extravagant decorations and markets. The thousands of lights are a sight to behold and attract thousands to the switch-on event every year in November. With a giant reindeer, gargantuan baubles filling the main market hall and icicle-like chandeliers, kids love the displays and there is also plenty going on for adults.

Christmas at Covent Garden always has that arty edge, particularly this year with decorations and lights conceptualised by United Visual Artists. Futuristic and sculptural in appearance, the Covent Garden displays are perfect if you want to see something utterly unique. Accompanied by a full orchestra this year, head down to the switch on if you like your Christmas traditional with a contemporary twist.

Start Studded Oxford Street

Switched on by Robbie Williams this year, the Oxford Street Christmas lights dazzle with stars of the human and LED variety. The task of decorating London’s most famous and busiest shopping street is no mean feat, but the organisers certainly didn’t let the crowds down this year. With the main event happing in early November and attracting thousands of people who fill the street, the switch-on is a real community event with shoppers from all over the world flocking to see what the lights committee have come up with this year. With Robbie performing his new number one Candy at this year’s event and the promise of a big star every year, the Oxford Street lights are a place for people who love their celebs and their shopping to enjoy a night to remember. Building facades are bathed in colourful lights, giant LED umbrellas stretch into the sky and there is a magical feeling as the thousands-strong crowd cheers when the lights are illuminated.

Magical Edinburgh

If you want a truly magical Christmas experience then the best lights switch-on is that taking place in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. A stunning array of fireworks are set off at the event in front of Edinburgh’s iconic castle, creating a truly magical effect. The switch-on itself is accompanied by a host of other events including aerial acrobatics, a vibrant street parade and a music concert in St Andrew’s Square Garden. A five meter high Santa has kids wide eyed and waving as he leads the parade of other Christmas characters from Princes Street to Mound Place in time for the switch on.

Christmas light illuminations around the country have been giving these three famous displays a run for their money this season. Have you been to an impressive switch-on event? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

This article was provided by Xmas Direct, who supply Christmas lights for the home and the high street.

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