Best Places to visit in Simon’s Town

Home to the South African Navy and African Penguin, Simon’s town is a beautiful small town near Cape Town in South Africa. This charismatic town of historical significance offer plenty of places to visit to the travelers, from beaches to museums to resorts – the most prominent of the Simon’s Town attractions have been listed below:

Boulder’s Beach

Get an experience of a lifetime to swim with the African penguins at the Boulder’s Beach most renowned for its Penguin Colony. Travelers can get really up-close to these beautiful flightless creatures. A visit to this unique beach will surely leave beautiful memories with the visitors.

Scratch Patch

This is a must place to visit and one of the most special Simon’s Town attractions that is world renowned for tumble polished gemstones, Mineral World and Topstones factory tours.

Millers Point

Family recreation on your mind, Millers point is the ideal place to visit for some snorkeling, SCUBA diving or some fun at the tidal pool. Indulge at Millers point with your friends and family.


Beaches are one of the most prominent Simon’s Town attractions for all travelers visiting this amazing town. Pick your favorite from the many options; Fisherman’s beach in Murdoch valley, and Seaforth beach are ideal places to visit for the family travelers. The Foxy beach is the main breeding colony of the African Penguins. Long beach and Glencairn beaches are ideal for some water sports and adventure for the fun and adventure seeking travelers.

Just Nuisance and Jubilee Square

Able Seaman Just Nuisance is Simon’s Town mascot. A Great Dane dog, buried with full military honors’ for his services to the Royal Naval sailors during the World War II has its statue at the Jubilee Square. This Simon’s Town attractions is surely unique and a must go to places to visit while you are the Simon’s Town.

Simon’s Town Waterfront

Developed as a shopping and entertainment hub, Simon’s Town Waterfront is one of the favored places to visit for the sheer range of shops, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and hotels it offers in one place. All travelers to Simon’s town have this destination in their places to visit list.

Roman Rock Lighthouse

This landmark Simon’s Town attractions has the distinction of being the only lighthouse to be built on a rock and features as the third oldest lighthouse of South Africa. Do you have it in your places to visit list.

Seal Island

Travelers can view Cape Fur seals, Great White Sharks and 24 bird species at the Seal Island in False Bay. This natural Simon’s Town attraction is home to over 74000 Cape Fur seals.

Simon’s Town Museums

Simon’s Town has preserved its history in 4 museums and many Churches. Discover the rich heritage of Africa’s history at these Museums: Simon’s Town Museum, Heritage Museum, Warrior Toy Museum and The South African Naval Museum.

Church of St. Francis

Visit this oldest Anglican Church in South Africa while on a tour to Simon’s Town.

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