Vietnam: A Top Choice for Adventure Honeymoons

After your wedding, you’ll want to jet off somewhere with your other half to relax and enjoy your first weeks as a married couple – but this doesn’t have to mean sitting on a beach and doing little else. There are a host of exciting places you can visit on your honeymoon and Vietnam is a great example of somewhere that combines adventure with relaxation.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Vietnam is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a tailor-made break that caters for your interests.

Travel Around

Honeymoons don’t have to be about staying in the same resort for two weeks, so if you and your other half love travelling, make the most of your time away and see a bit more of the country. Vietnam is a wonderful place to explore, as it has so many sides to it.

From peaceful rural villages to bustling cities and stunning bays, there’s something to suit everyone here and ensure you have a varied and memorable break. Internal flights make it relatively easy to see both the north and south of the nation, while attractions such as Halong Bay are within driving distance of Hanoi and the Mekong Delta is easy to reach from Ho Chi Minh City.

Romantic Experiences

It wouldn’t be a honeymoon without a bit of romance and Vietnam has some amazing locations just perfect for couples. Halong Bay in the north of the nation is a classic example and enjoying a cruise in a traditional wooden junk will be a highlight of your trip. Halong Bay covers over 1,550 sq km and is dotted with 1,969 islands. The sheer limestone cliffs topped by lush green forest are a beautiful sight to behold – and a wonderful backdrop for a romantic cruise.

Travel south to the Valley of Love – also known as Dalat City – to experience more of Vietnam’s stunning natural landscapes. The plateau spans 242 hectares and is home to pine forests, large meadows and Da Thien Lake, which sits at the bottom of a hill. Stroll to the top for wonderful views of the water and woods below, or wander along the path by the Mimosa Stream, which is surrounded by the vibrant yellow flowers of the same name.

Fascinating Culture

In Vietnam’s cities are numerous cultural attractions for you and your partner to explore as part of your adventurous honeymoon. Hanoi is a treasure-trove of historical and cultural sites, such as the Kinh Thien Palace and President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. Visit the city’s Old Quarter, home to more than 600 pagodas and temples, many of which are hundreds of years old. The One Pillar Pagoda and Temple of Literature, for example, date from the 11th century. Another place to see in Hanoi is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Thang Long Imperial Citadel. This impressive fortress was built in the 11th century under the Vietnamese Ly Dynasty on the remains of a Chinese enclave.

Round off your trip with a visit to Ho Chi Minh City in the south of the country, where you can browse the exhibits in the Ho Chi Minh Museum, admire the varied architectural styles that display influences from Vietnamese, Chinese and European culture and explore the vast network of the Cu Chi Tunnels. These underground passageways were dug out during the French occupation in the 1940s and later used by the Viet Cong during the American War. They now provide a fascinating insight into this period of the nation’s history.

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