Can Adventurous Travellers Enjoy an All-Inclusive Holiday?

There are lots of different kinds of travellers in the world. While they all share a common bond in their love of experiencing new things, some people like to go about it in different ways. The words I’ve always associated with all-inclusive were “restricting” and “unspontaneous” while someone else might have said “luxurious” and “hassle-free.” After experiencing this kind of trip first-hand on my recent visit to Cuba, though, I’m starting to think that I should reconsider my past opinions.

Managing My Expectations

While I enjoy topping up my tan as much as the next person, the thing that I love to do most while travelling is exploring the country and learning more about its culture. Whether this is by visiting some of the country’s museums, taking part in events, or sampling some of the local cuisine, I was afraid that my opportunities would be far too restricted on an all-inclusive plan that included pre-booked excursions.

Dealing with Pre-Planned Excursions

Fortunately, the itinerary for my trip felt well-managed and included a lot of these kinds of activities. While I have to admit I would have still preferred to have been able to venture off the beaten path every now and again, I still managed to experience a lot of what I wanted to while I was there. Since I’m so use to travelling with the same small group of friends, it was also nice to have a chance to meet some other like-minded travellers on the trip as well.

Benefits of Already Paid for Meals

One of the major benefits of going all-inclusive is having your meals already paid for. While we did end up eating out at some of the local restaurants a few times, just to see what they were like, we were all very happy with the food and drink provided on our trip with We were initially apprehensive about the menu being filled with dishes aimed at the tourist crowd, but there was always a local option and we went away feeling like we’d experienced an authentic taste of the country.

While I can’t say that I’m going to be choosing the all-inclusive option on every one of my future trips, I can say that I’m more open to the idea and I do see the benefit for a lot of people. One of the great things travel can do to a person is help change our perspective on things so I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to try something new.

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