Car Rental in Israel – Top Israel Tourist Attractions

If you’re going to Israel for your first time, or even if it is your tenth time, don’t miss these top tourist attractions from the north of the country to the south.

Kfar Blum

This fun-away-from-home spot will certainly make your vacation memorable. Kibbutz Kfar Blum is located in the Upper Galilee close to the northern city of Kiryat Shmoneh and boasts many different activities for your family to enjoy. Take a wild ride on the Jordan River in a raft, slide down the 300-foot zip line into the water, and enjoy the climbing wall or ropes course. Afterwards, you can stay in the Kibbutz’s Pastoral Hotel for the night.


Next stop is the Sea of Galilee, known locally as Lake Kinneret. Although this water source is beautiful from any angle, Tiberias has a lot to offer, as it is not just a lake town but a city bustling with activity. Take a walk down the Yigal Alon Promenade and choose from one of the many restaurants with fresh fish on the menu. One of the four holy cities in Israel, Tiberias is also home to burial sites of famous Jewish sages like Maimonides and Rabbi Akiva.

The Israel Museum

This museum is home to the ancient Dead Sea scrolls, ancient Jewish manuscripts found in caves in the Judean Desert. In the Israel Museum, you will also find everything from prehistoric utensils to modern Bauhaus art. This museum holds Jewish wedding garb and synagogue replicas of from all over the world.

Ein Gedi

Take a walk in Nahal David with the whole family. Filled with many different streams, this is a hike you will not want to miss. It can take about an hour to go all the way to the end and back, or spend the day enjoying the waterfalls with the little ones. As this is one of Israel’s many national nature reserves, leave only footprints and take only pictures.


Go to Eilat to snorkel or play with the dolphins in the Red Sea, surf with the experts, and take a banana boat for a spin. You can also enjoy jeeping through the desert and visiting the Egyptian border. When you are done, enjoy ice skating and shopping duty free in Eilat’s Ice Mall.

However you decide to spend your vacation in Israel, don’t forget that car rental Israel service will help streamline your visit so you can seamlessly get from place to place.

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