Travelers have the unique and wonderful opportunity of comparing and contrasting cultures, addressing global issues and fostering a greater connection to the earth — many come home wide-eyed but weary from their travels. After all the excitement and exploration, the importance and distinction of home is ever more apparent. Wherever home is, taking time to sit in your favourite chair to read a book or look over photos from the trip is one of the best ways to refresh and restore. Let the Thymes Indigenous Home Collection accompany your rest time while reminding you of all the awe-inspiring places you have visited.

The Indigenous Collection is rooted in the diverse cultures and exotic locales that made your journey worthwhile. The White Persimmon Aromatic Candle ($25), infused with scents native to Thailand, will take you on a sensual journey from the stupa-studded mountains of Mae Hong Son to the verdant limestone islands of the Andaman Sea — all from the comfort of your home! Embrace the juicy scents of white nectarine, pears, and peaches, spiked with deep notes of rich vanilla. The journey is just beginning as memories of past travels are evoked through the clean burning of this lasting aromatic candle.

Has the beauty of the French countryside captured your heart? Recall fond memories with the ripe and buttery Anjou pear notes found in the Anjou Vert Reed Diffuser ($60). Inspired by Angers, one of the most beautiful cities in France, this scent is fresh and comforting. Get lost in the delicate layering of local Anjou pear blossoms, rosebud petals, and subtly spiced ginger and clove. Graceful bamboo reeds absorb the aromatic oil, releasing the inspiring scents of the French countryside through your home. The diffuser is fantastic for those especially busy travelers, constantly in and out of their home, as the fragrance elegantly glides from room to room without the worry of a burning candle. Recreate the captivating sensation of resting within Anjou pear blossoms after sunset with the memory-inducing Anjou Vert Reed Diffuser.

In true Thymes fashion, the elegant and eye-catching packaging of the Indigenous Collection is as beautiful and unique as the product it houses. Elegant glass holders and containers are adorned with modern, nature-inspired patterns. The packaging of the products has an equally graceful appeal, making Indigenous candles, diffusers and home mists the perfect decorative, functional and sentimental gift for the avid traveler. No need to pack your bags for this aromatic adventure; enjoy as your senses are enlightened and memories are further rekindled!

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