China the World’s Popular Country’s Unique Features

The world’s most populated country of China also famous for its admirable tourist terminal. Bestowing to the United Nation World Trade Organization (UNWTO), China will develop into a leading tourism country and along with the prime for overseas travel, in 2020. Even though China is a rising country, it’s a 3rd most tripped vacationer destination in the world.

You may ask and think like is this place not same like the other tourist spots? What is the special part in China?
There are some things differentiate the China from the other country that is: their ethnicity and distinctive, the mighty wall of China, the bright & hot Hong Kong city with their own traditional streets and religious temples, the hustling city of Shanghai, Treasure house of forbidden city in Beijing, customary historical locations of Xi’an, and much more…

Mighty Wall, China

This great wall deserves the credit of ‘one of the seven wonders in the world’. This wall is well maintained and it is popular for all of its section. This great wall has been opened for public ever since 1957 after the renovation work. It gets a fine command to the view of underneath mount sceneries, mainly visited by famous persons and some of the sections of the wall are very famous. It has good facilities of great wall museum, circling screen cinema, shopping, cable car and dining facilities.

This is famous for its longest wall and it’s the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) world heritage spot in China.

The most admirable spot in Great wall is Badaling. Badaling is famous for its seasonal changes of mountain and valley sceneries.

The trip is no way to complete without visiting this great wall.

Hong Kong CityHong Kong City

Hong Kong is not similar to any other cities in the world. It popular for its own way of reflections like their blending cultures, assortments of imposing history, British civilization and the special Chinese customs.

The busiest metropolitan area associate elevated constructions, customary street bazaar and sacred holy places and also it has a few wonderful beaches and natural tourist attractions for outside couples.

It is famous for its friendly impressions, massive shopping malls, legislature, and fashion industrial units are the reasons for explorers to make their journey to Hong Kong.


Shanghai is China’s Wealthy and leading city. It’s the second biggest ‘precise city’ in the world following by Mumbai. This is a busiest and most visited hi-tech city to provide the center of contemporary big business infrastructure.
It’s one of the world’s leading economic and business cities. Its regal heritage combined with things has shaped an exclusive tradition, which is a blend of the east and west. The Bund, the water’s rim of the metropolis provides a vibrant picture of arrangement of east and west customs by huge collection of imposing architecture.
The famous visitor spots are Huangpu river cruise, Yuyuan Garden, and Buddha temple.


China’s capital city of Beijing is wealthy in olden times, mutually antique and present. Beijing is most familiar for its attractive tourist spots of china’s mighty wall, the leading and fine-conserved antique colonial places; the temple of heaven, china’s legendary of protection; the Forbidden City, the enthralling spot of regal adoration; and the charming colonial garden, summer fortress.

This city’s population is around 20 million. The Tian’anmen square is the people’s republic of china which was commenced by Chairman Mao. It’s the express-moving city and its old customary way of life has been fine-conserved.


After Beijing Xi’an is the world’s most popular ancient capital and it’s the first capital for united china in the period of 221 BC. Xi’an is also known by its name called Changan.

It’s well recognized by its ancient attractions of terracotta Army, astounding design of the Muslim quarters, the olden city wall, couple of ancient Buddhist pagodas, and the very old civilization museum.

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