Choosing the Right Luggage for Your Next Vacation

After a few hard months at work, nothing will feel as good as jetting off on a vacation. Whether you take off for a long weekend or an entire week, you know that you need the right luggage by your side. A simple overnight duffel bag can hold enough for a single day, but you’ll find larger suitcases designed to hold more items. The best bags for you depend on how often you travel away from home and how much you take with you.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are perfect for those who love camping and outdoor adventures. These bags come in different sizes that are suitable for a weekend or a week away. Most feature two durable straps that you can wear over your back and shoulders and two smaller straps that you can carry by hand. Look for bags that have additional storage pockets on the inside and outside. Those pockets let you organize your supplies, beauty products and smaller things that you carry. When shopping for a larger bag, consider investing in a rolling bag. These duffel bags have wheels on the bottom that make carrying one a little easier.


Though you might think that only students carry backpacks, a backpack might work for many of the trips that you take. Similar to those you used in school, travel backpacks have heavy-duty straps that evenly distribute the weight of the bag across your back. You’ll also find features like snag-free zippers that move across the top and sides of the bag and won’t snag on the fabric. Larger travel bags designed for hikers and campers even have attached straps that let you conveniently carry a tent or sleeping bag on your back.

Traditional Luggage

While duffel bags and backpacks are suitable for some travelers, you may find that you need a more traditional piece of luggage. Start with something basic like a carry-on bag. These bags often look like backpacks but come with a telescoping handle on the top and gliding wheels on the bottom. Carry-on bags can hold up to even the roughest of plane turbulence and anything else you face too. Another option is a rolling bag. These bags come with two or four wheels on the bottom to evenly distribute weight and are great for plane, bus or car travel. Find the perfect bag for you before your next vacation.

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