Cities are made for exploring

Cities are rarely just about shopping and night-life, although there’s no denying that most large cities have these two elements in abundance! Culture, architecture, shows, entertainment, sport, history, nature … the list goes on, and to what degree depends on the city you choose.

A day trip to London can be expensive if you drive or go on public transport, so why not flee the country for a few days and visit an exciting new city instead? Thanks to low-cost airlines you’re sure to find a bargain, maybe to Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, or Rome, with plenty more coming up at the click of a mouse.

A few days in new surroundings could be just what you need to dust off those winter cobwebs.

You could be spontaneous and head away this weekend, or you could plan it in advance, it’s entirely your decision, and if you find your flight is at an awkward time, e.g. very early or very late, why not spend the evening at an airport hotel and stock up on sleep? A few extra hours’ shut eye will certainly come in handy when you’re off exploring somewhere new. I did this recently and stayed at one of the Heathrow Airport hotels with Holiday Extras, before flying off to Rome for a few days; I found the extra rest valuable, and I really enjoyed the pre-travel relaxation too. You’ll find hotels at most large UK airports, so have a look what you can find.

With a spontaneous city break comes many things to remember, so I’d always recommend purchasing an annual travel insurance policy at the beginning of the year, to stop you having to remember this crucial extra when your mind is firmly focused on what you want to do in your city of choice.

Speaking of choice, where will you go? Rome was amazing, and I would certainly recommend it; I don’t think one visit will be enough! Barcelona is bursting with things to see and do, with plenty to keep architecture fans happy. Istanbul might seem far-flung, but it’s only four hours away, with a true melting post of culture and tradition to experience, or Paris with its romantic vibe, and the allure of the Eiffel Tower. The list goes on from here, and what you want to see will of course dictate where you go, so dust off that camera, get your walking shoes on, and head out to a new city, exploring every last nook and cranny.

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