Devil’s Tramping Ground: The Mystery Story

Are you curious to know about Devil’s forest? What mystery lies behind the Devil’s tramping Ground? We know many questions are popping into your mind. Who doesn’t like horror stories? Isn’t it? Well, today we are going to talk about a spine-chilling story. So, hold onto your fear, and let’s get into the story.

The Devil Tramping Ground is a camping spot located in a forest area. However, this Devil’s forest lies in Bear Creek, North California. According to legend, this is an unusual place where the devil walks at night. It’s a haunted barren circle where nothing is supposed to grow. We know it sounds really scary but holds onto your breath. There is more to it. You can call it a ring or circle where objects get disappeared overnight. The local communities call this place the ring. Dogs are scared to get near to the place. They start howling and yipping in fear. Also, unusual things happen to people who try to spend the night around these boundaries or ring. Not only this, legends say nothing has grown within 40 feet ring for more than a hundred years. So, this is incredibly strange and weird for most people.

However, some people believe it and some don’t. What do you think has happened next? We are curious too to tell you. Sometimes it is said, the devil walks around the circle at night. So, that it could bring evil things into the world. Therefore, the place is haunted and nobody as such visits this place in fear. Many journalists and publishers have tried to investigate this land and found this unusual story. We know these stories are unusual to believe but legends believe this.

According to the natives of Chatham, the devil walks at night around the circle to bring trouble for humanity. This means the devil wants to harm the world with its evil power. There is something uncanny about the night. Something evil silently tramps around the barren circle. The devil tries to plot something wrong against the good world.

Explanation of Pine Forest

The north & south of the pine forest consists of a naturally growing salt lick. It means the area of the forest region has a high concentration of salt in the soil. Therefore, it will naturally stop anything to grow on this soil. That’s why the salt prevents any plants to grow here.

Why is it called the Devil’s Tramping Ground?

In the woods of North Carolina, lies this popular haunted place named ‘Devil’s Tramping Ground’. It is a mysterious place with a barren circle about 40-feet in diameter. This place lies in the pine woods of Chatham county. However, not a single flower, grass, or tree will ever grow within the barren circle. Isn’t it strange? Right? Seeds of flowers or plants sowed have refused to grow by any means. They never sprout more than a hundred years. Any plantation here will surely die or wither. It means no life can live or exists within this haunted barren circle.

And what is even more unusual, any piece of object fallen inside the circle before dusk will be moved out forcibly by dawn. How scary is that? Dogs make an unusual sound when brought near the circle or tuck their tails between their legs. Therefore, animals get frightened to get near the place and digs sand in fear. However, animals can feel the presence of something uncanny here. In this way, we can make out that the Devil’s Tramping Ground is haunted, and unusual things take place here.

Experience of Staying at Devil’s Tramping Ground

Over the years, several men have attempted to spend the night at Devil’s forest. But they failed miserably and could not return sane. Every time they go there they see something unusual which drives them insane and never recovers. Yes! It has happened with many people and thus everybody avoids this place. Many people have encountered strange things happening in this place. So, are you willing to visit this place?
Do you want to experience one night in Devil’s forest? If you are brave enough you can try your luck out there.

Well, the important question lies, how did this place get the name of ‘Devil’s Tramping Ground’? According to legend, it is said, the devil himself walks at night around the barren circle.

Devil's Tramping Ground

What do Legends say about Devil’s Forest?

It is said the tramping ground belongs to the devil himself. Every night he walks around the barren circle plotting something evil against the good things. It tries to find ways to turn everything bitter and bring the human soul to damnation. According to legend, its evil footprint on the ground has made the land barren and thus stopping everything to grow here. However, the devil has an evil soul and has great power to destroy everything that comes to its path. It brushes off anything from the ground, even the heaviest object. So, it is well understood how powerful and evil the devil is. However, people who have witnessed this devil at night have never returned sane. Therefore, it means the devil is a horrible sight to witnessed by a human. Thus, no human can bear the look of this evil fallen angel from the dark world. That’s why this place is called ‘Devil’ Tramping Ground’.

Mystery of the Devil’s Tramping Ground

During the war for Independence, Chatham County was founded. Shortly afterward, the Chatham County became the mystery of the Devil’s Tramping Ground. Over the past years, many stories have taken place from generation to generation. However, researches have taken place by scientists. But no successful explanation has not clear the mystery behind the barren land in Devil’s forest. Despite all efforts by scientists, everything ended up in mystery. Even today, no facts have come out of this mysterious place.

Thus, if you ever cross the path by mistake at night and see something shadowy is moving between the trees it’s better to run off far away. Never look back until you have long, long gone.

How to Get There?

Well, Devil’s forest is located about 10 miles south of Siler City. So, if you want to visit this creepy place, you need to take U.S. 64 South in Siler City. Next, you have to move towards West Raleigh Road South. Finally, your destination to Devil’s Tramping Ground will arrive.

However, you will also locate a signboard leading to Devil’s forest. But in some cases, the board is missing as it is frequently stolen. Also, if you head towards the south, the first road on your left will take you to your destination. After you reach there, you need to go twenty feet into the woods.

Also, if you plan to visit this place in summer, you have to cross those long grass to get into the Devil’s forest. So, beware of whatever it takes to the place.

What Happens at Devil’s Forest?

According to legends, Satan visits or walks by at night. However, focusing on the circle, the devil establishes its evil deeds. No vegetation takes place in the barren circle. Only wiry grass grows here in an unusual manner. Therefore, no life can be found in the path. The local communities have made several attempts to find the truth behind this forest. But every time, they fail miserably. Many people have thrown heavy objects or anchor sticks into the circle. But the night takes away or disappears all the belongings fallen here.

Therefore, over the years, many theories have taken place with several stories. Many believed that it was a meeting point for Native American tribes. However, focusing on the circle, they used to hold ceremonial dances. Another explanation says that this area was the lost colony of Roanoke Island. Thus, many stories have evolved to no satisfying explanation about this barren circle.

When was the Devil’s Forest Discovered?

It looks like the Devil’s forest mystery always belongs to North Carolina’s mythology. The place dates back to the 1800s with many surprising stories. Also, it states the Devil’s ground witnesses the American Revolution. Today, the Devil’s forest has gained national fame with so many unusual stories. However, stories that are unexplainable and uncanny. Now, coming to the main question when was the Devil forest ground discovered. Well, it was discovered in 1905, which was known as ‘The Devil’s Track’.

How old is the Devil’s Forest Ground?

The Devil’s forest Ground is said to be 120-years old focusing on a barren circle in the North Carolina woods. It’s barren land with no vegetation and the devil comes to dance here. Many people believed and saw red glowing eyes in the middle of the barren circle. They say it has the presence of the majestic Satan.

However, many years back, a journalist decided to spend the night in Devil’s forest. So, he managed to set up a tent to spend the night there. He with his two dogs has refused to believe the legend story. The journalist stayed up the whole night and heard ghostly footsteps around his tent.

But the mystery is still buried. As some say, it might be the footsteps of some nocturnal animal or perhaps the devil’s, according to the locals. Therefore, no actual truth has given a satisfying explanation to it. However, from generation to generation, locals believed the stories of the legend. On the fun part, you can either find the devil or teenagers having beer cans over there. Jokes apart, no such proof has been reported so far in the present times.

Is the Devil’s Forest Ground on private property?

Yes! The Devil’s forest is private property and it belongs to Bob Dawd’s family for more than a hundred years. That’s why the property is running under their name for hundred years.

It is also said to be Devil’s playground. Legends say when the clock strikes 12, the devil appears and stomps around in the circle. By doing this, it kills the growth of life there. That’s why no growth of life would be found here. Also, items or objects left in the circle are thrown outside by morning.

Mystery Stories

Generations have passed by these unusual stories and made it a popular haunted place in history. Therefore, becoming the top tourist spot for several visitors over the years. The barren circle has become a ghost hunter’s fantasy. We know you are having goosebumps after hearing this. But fear not, it all needs some courage to witness this uncanny place. Therefore, the mystery of this uncanny forest is 200 years old. Many people over the years have witnessed several things. Visitors saw their belongings move or disappear in the woods. Also, in some cases, visitors strangely disappeared into the woods. The dogs hover coming near to the place. However, their spookiness is evergreen worldwide.

Also, people passing by the forest lock their car’s door to protect themselves against the devil. The fear of the place very much. So, people never visit this place on their own. Even if they do they return back before the dark. It’s a scary and spooky haunted placed scared by everybody.

However, if you don’t believe the legends or local communities, you can take a chance to visit the forest at night. But it is advisable to do so at your own risk. Visiting such an uncanny place can lead you to encounter unusual happening. So, if you have a strong heart and great willpower you can try at your own risk.


To conclude, we can say that this is what the Devil’s forest is about. How legends and local communities believed the devil’s hunting story. Still, no truth has been proved yet. Therefore, this place still lies in mystery among many people over many years. We are still curious to know what lies beyond that barren circle.

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