Diverse Australia Culture: Sydney and the Outback

I used to live in Sydney and from the moment my plane touched down at Sydney Airport I could feel a strong connection to this land and country. The brief, but life changing six months I spent there has forever shaped my goals and outlook on life. In fact, I fell in love with traveling throughout Australasia so much that it shaped my career. I now plan unique cultural adventures throughout the world and take people along for the ride. Our photography travel club is actually heading back to Australia next year!

The quality of life in Oz is arguably the best in the world making the people an absolute delight. They are friendly, outgoing, and have a wonderful sense of humor (plenty of sarcasm to boot). If you’re planning a trip to Australia and are overwhelmed by the numerous destinations and activities, then take a look at the two below. Make sure to pencil enough time in to at least experience Sydney & The Outback.

The Outback and Sydney share a commitment to the diverse culture of Australia. The Outback is home to the keepers of Australia’s past, the aborigines. On the other hand, Sydney is the center of modern Australian culture with the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Below are some fun facts and highlights of my two favorite parts of this sun-burnt country:

Temperatures in The Outback vary from 120°F in summer to 15ºF in winter.
Nearly every time it rains, The Outback experiences a flash flood.
Roads into The Outback are becoming easier to travel; visitors should still use the services of a guide when venturing off the highways.
Visitors need a permit to enter aborigine land.
Be sure to check out Uluru & the Olgas – the most famous and stunning rock structures of the Outback.
There are about 60 beaches in Sydney. They are staffed with volunteer lifeguards during peak swimming periods. Be sure to check out Manly beach across the Harbor!
Sydney has an abundance of parks, fields, and recreation areas including Luna Park; a restored 1930s amusement park.
From Sydney, visitors can take a ferry over to Cockatoo Island. The remains of the island’s industrial past is still visible and roaring festivals are held here throughout the year.
The Taronga Zoo in Sydney is massive. Hundreds of animal species can be seen with great shows and informational discussions.
Darling Harbour in Sydney is filled with light and color once the sun goes down. Be sure to wine, dine, and dance in this world class harbor.
Bottom Line: A trip to Australia is not complete without The Outback and Sydney on the list!

Steve is a Boston native who currently resides in San Francisco. After living in Sydney in 2008, he’s devoted his life to travel and compassionate adventures with his travel clubs and other company Destination Earth.

With over 5 years experience travel blogging, creating, and escorting tours, Steve’s passion for travel, adventure, and people shines through on each journey. His attention to detail, kind demeanor, and ability to adapt to any situation make him an excellent travel planner and adventure leader for PhotoFly & Singles by the Bay Travel Club!

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