How to Get Your Dog Holiday-Ready

So you’ve booked your accommodation, arranged your travel and your bags are all packed, but there’s one last thing to sort out, what to do with your dog! When going on holiday this summer, you can be rest assured that these top tips will allow you to reduce the amount your pay in kennel fees and will allow you to take your dog along to join in the family fun.

As a nation of dog lovers, it’s important that our pets enjoy themselves just as much as we do, so here are some top tips on how to get your pets holiday ready:

Where Are You Going?

Think about whether your holiday location will be suitable for your dog as it wouldn’t be fair to take them shopping or sightseeing for the whole day. If you are looking for a UK holiday destination with plenty of open countryside, hills, forests, beaches and pathways, then your dog will feel right at home.

For some of the activities you may have planned it may not always be possible to take a pet with you, so make sure that your accommodation has enough outside space for your dog to safely run around if you’re not there.

Cottage Holidays

Holiday cottages that are dog friendly are perfect for pets as they provide you with miles of countryside walks, dog-friendly pubs and restaurants, secure gardens and special access onto footpaths. Some may even include a comfy bed for your furry friend! Many National Trust sites situated near to country cottages may also provide facilities for dog walks, suitable for all the family.


If your pet is not used to travelling in a car with you, take your dog on some short journeys prior to your holiday to help it get used to the surroundings. It is easy for dogs to get heat stroke when travelling in a car so help to prepare your pet for the journey by opening the windows and providing food and water. Plan a comfort stop along the way to allow you and the dog to stretch your legs.

Packing For Your Pet

Make sure your pet has all the necessary essentials when going on holiday and ensure that you pack food bowls, a towel incase your dog gets muddy, a collar and lead with a detailed ID tag and any toys to make them feel at home. Just like humans need home comforts, a dog will start to feel saddened without these items and it’s also a good idea to make sure your pet is insured, micro chipped and treated for any vaccinations before you go.

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