Eat Your Way Across Germany Without Breaking The Bank

Traveling is expensive and we all know it, with everything from airfare to accommodation costing a pretty penny. But do you really need to drop major money in order to enjoy a gastronomic experience in Germany once you get there? Fortunately for you, that isn’t the case in the least. Take a look at these tips and tricks below, designed to help anyone who wants to enjoy the best Germany has to offer without spending a ton of extra money.

Know Where To Go

If you want The Ultimate Foodies Guide to Germany, look no further than here. This interactive food map allows you to take a peek all over Germany and see what foods are popular where. Specialized regional dishes are some of the best things to eat when you travel abroad, so you’re going to want to know exactly what it is that your vacation spot does better than anyone else. Once you have that figured out, you can set out on your fabulous foodie journey.

See What Locals Favor

Locals will always be the best guide to follow when it comes to seeking the top restaurants and eateries in town. Not only do they know what’s tasty and reliable, but they also know the best way to save money. After all, a local isn’t normally going to be shelling out major cash to eat at fancy, upscale restaurants that are specifically catering to tourists. They’re going to know all the best local eateries and even the hole-in-the-wall shops that will serve some of the tastiest grub you could ask for.

Check Out Food Kiosks

As you probably already know from the food you eat back home, sometimes delicious street food can really blow your expectations out of the water and provide you with a unique dining experience. Generally speaking, food trucks, stands, and kiosks have the edge of specializing in only one thing, as opposed to restaurants which have many different dishes. You can go to one stand for kebabs, to another for currywurst, and another for hamburgers. You can find just about anything in between, too. If you’re feeling peckish while wandering through town, don’t be afraid to stop and try one of the street vendors in your area.

Treat Yourself To Something Seasonal

The best thing about seasonal dishes is that they’re usually both affordable and incredibly tasty, since whatever is being used in them is at the peak of its freshness. For example, berry dishes in summer are usually sweet and ripe. Pastries with chestnuts are tasty and toasty in the winter, and they can be found just about anywhere. Because of the bountiful amount of produce associated with seasonal items when they’re actually in season, you can expect to see deals left and right.

You can map out your new foodie course with the help of Germany’s public transportation, or consider renting a car from reasonably priced sources like Regardless of how you get there, you can be that there will be some delightful food waiting for you at your chosen destinations!

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