Elegant and Romantic Vacation Destinations

As the weather warms up across much of the Northern Hemisphere, flowers begin to bloom and pants quickly turn into shorts and skirts. Spring is in the air and, as always, the warm weather brings up warm feelings and romantic outdoor activities.

But sometimes couples simply want to get away from jobs, kids and life in general. Thankfully, there are hundreds of amazing getaways to experience and the following list are some of the most elegant and romantic vacation destinations in the world.


Often called the City of Love, Paris is the capital city of France. From its distinctive Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and even the artists lining the cobblestone walkways of Montmarte, Paris has certainly earned its reputation for romantics worldwide. Couples can spend entire weeks strolling through the tree lined walkways of the city, stopping into local bakeries to sample the day’s treats and even throwing a picnic with wine at the base of that tall tower. Luxury hotels that cater to romantic vacations are a mainstay in every section of the massive city, making it one of the most elegant destinations in the world.


Dubai is one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates and is an absolute vacation destination. Located right off of the Persian Gulf, the weather in Dubai is hot and pleasant much of the year. There are plenty of water based activities like surfing and diving to enjoy, not to mention the possibility of spending a day getting a massage on a beautiful luxury beach. Spas in Dubai are world renowned for the luxurious amenities and high class treatments. Many are located on the region’s beautiful beaches, or in incredibly tall skyscrapers with amazing views. Whatever you choose to do, Dubai is one of the best-kept secrets in world travel.


Hawaii is a string of tranquil islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Most popular with Asian and American tourists, Hawaii has something for everyone, especially romantics. From world-class surfing to mountain biking down a mountain to romantic yoga retreats, Hawaii’s five distinct islands are visited for a reason. Adventurous couples can even take a helicopter ride to experience the sunset over the big, and very active, volcano on the Big Island. Still, Kauai may be the most romantic of all the islands. It is the most secluded island and only has a population of under 100,000. Seclusion, untouched beaches with gentle waves and the sound of the rain forest are all a happy couple needs to enjoy an elegant time on the islands of Hawaii.

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