Essentials for a holiday home design

In Scandinavian countries, it’s traditional to have a little place for a family getaway in a picturesque location – a rustic lakeside cabin maybe, or the equivalent of a designer treehouse in the middle of a forest. This trend is spreading rapidly, and more and more people are creating their own very unique vacation space in a special location they love, whether that’s a ski lodge on a mountain or a beach house by the ocean. If you want to create your own personal oasis of peace and relaxation, here are a few tips to help you make it truly yours.

Keep it simple

Start with the basics and think in terms of what you actually need. Many Nordic vacation buildings are quintessentially simple in terms of structure and decor, though they offer luxurious accommodation experiences. For example, living spaces can be open plan and fairly neutral when it comes to colors for walls. Polished wood or stone floors are excellent for most locations and will really “open up” the space available. Remember that a few bright rugs will soon liven up the interiors and, while not always suitable for your beach property, luxurious sheepskin varieties will warm up homes in cooler climes.

Keep it clean

You don’t want to spend all your time on a weekend or during a longer vacation having to clean up your property, so make sure surfaces are smooth and easy to keep free from dirt and clutter. Don’t forget your windows; blinds tend to gather dust, and curtains have to be laundered regularly, so opt instead for contemporary wooden shutters. Even if your property is a traditional country cottage, they will really enhance your windows, and there are wonderful shutter styles and colors to choose from these days that suit every window shape and size, no matter how awkward.

Keep it comfortable

Your luxury holiday home is a place to relax, so your choice of furniture should reflect this. Whether you are investing in beds, couches or armchairs, you should make sure that you factor into your decisions the ability for them to help you wind down. This is your special space, after all, and you can customize it however you want. Whether you love to ski, surf, sunbathe or play golf, you will appreciate good quality furniture at the end of a busy vacation day.

Keep it local

Often, the best options when choosing construction and decorating ideas are right under your nose. The Scandinavians wouldn’t build a bricks and mortar home in a forest, for example, and using local materials makes absolute sense when it comes to designing luxury interiors. Try using a shell theme in your beach house bathroom, for instance, and make sure any other embellishments reflect the local area, such as choosing a traditional interior for a countryside cottage.

As a final piece of advice, don’t forget to include sufficient storage space in your vacation home – there will always be a need to put things away, and this helps to minimize clutter and keeps your special luxury space looking as lovely as can be.

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