Travel Experiences You and Your Children Will Love!

Keeping the kids amused and entertained while you are away shouldn’t be hard work! The options for those with children young and old are limitless and there are plenty of unforgettable holiday experiences waiting that children and adults alike will savour. Here are a few travel experiences that your children are sure to love.

Sentosa island, Singapore

Siloso Beach Travel Experiences You and Your Children Will Love!
Lookout Point at Sentosa. CC Image by William Cho (Flickr).
Singapore’s Sentosa island is the perfect playground for children of all ages. This picturesque entertainment zone features numerous roller coasters and other attractions for children to try, including the recently opened Universal Studios Singapore. You can make the experience truly special by choosing to stay in a luxurious resort at Sentosa such as the newly opened Planet Hollywood Resort and travelling to the island in style by cable car.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Orangutan Travel Experiences You and Your Children Will Love!
What’s at Stake in Borneo. CC Image by Rainforest Action Network (Flickr).
The city of Kota Kinabalu is located on the edge of the Borneo Jungle, which are sure to delight nature loving children. There are plenty of luxurious resorts to be found here, and most offer trips to attractions such as the local orangutan sanctuary. Children will also have the chance to interact with animals such as civets, bearcats, slow loris and deer. Special programmes allow children to feed the animals and children can also choose to foster an animal if they wish.

Lampang, Northern Thailand

Lampang elephant conservation centre Travel Experiences You and Your Children Will Love!
Thai elephants conservation centre. CC Image by Loin des yeux (Flickr).
Children are sure to enjoy spending time at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang. Children can take a special three-day training course to learn all about how to take care of elephants through a project that is run the centre along with Thailand’s National Elephant Institute. Skills that children will learn during the course include elephant driving, feeding and river bathing and the kids are presented with a certificate at the end of the course.

Safari, South Africa

South Africa safari Travel Experiences You and Your Children Will Love!
French Kids. CC Image by Kyle Taylor (Flickr).
Going on safari in Africa is an excellent way to capture children’s imaginations. In addition to observing a wide range of wild animals in the natural environment, children are also offered a hands-on approach by several of Africa’s family safari camps. Special activities that are arranged by experienced children-friendly guides include identifying animal poo, tracking paw prints and cooking classes.

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