The Proper Way to Plan a Family Trip to Boston

Known as the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston is a unique and cultural city worth a visit at least once during a lifetime. For families, the proper way to see The Cradle of Liberty is through an expansive and enjoyable experience highlighting Boston’s place in American history as well as its ability to be a cultural hub of the United States. There are four popular attractions in Boston that highlight these unique city features and engage children’s minds to love history, science and marine life. So, if you are looking for somewhere fun to go on your next family vacation, visit Boston and these four places.

The New England Aquarium

Home to over 800 species of marine animals and interactive exhibits, the New England Aquarium is a wonderful place to engage the minds of children while having a good time. It is here that many children and families have found a new love for the ocean and its animals including eels, Caribbean turtles and blue penguins. Your child can sit in awe watching the majestic Myrtle, a 550 pound sea turtle who has called the Aquarium home for over 40 years and touch sea animals such as sharks and rays in the largest touch tank found on the east coast. Watch these animals as well as sea lions, seals and rays at play in the crystal clear and deep water of the New England Aquarium.

Museum of Science

If the New England Aquarium didn’t inspire your child, the interactive exhibits at the Museum of Science will. Here families from all over the globe participate in live science demonstrations and animal shows as well as play and learn at over 700 exhibits that allow hands-on learning. Home to a real butterfly garden, a theater of electricity, a planetarium and new exhibits yearly, this museum is a must-see on any family vacation to Boston.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

The Boston Tea Party is a key time in America and Boston’s history and through the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, you can relive this crucial time in the freedom of the United States. Participate in town meetings and actually throw boxes of tea overboard a genuine ship into the same harbor where the Tea Party actually took place. Then learn about these majestic ships and the role they played in the American Revolution all while your children are enthralled by live actors playing the part of revolutionaries like Samuel Adams. No trip to Boston is complete without a visit to this informative and interactive museum.

The Freedom Trail

A short 2.5 mile walk through Boston, the Freedom Trail is home to 16 different and historically significant landmarks and buildings. Each site has been persevered to represent it’s actual design during the American Revolution and transports guests back in time with tours, live actors and telling of the ideals America was built on. Children and adults can each understand the importance and the significance of these 16 important places along the freedom trail and to properly visit Boston, do walk this unique and historically accurate trail.

Plan a Family Trip to Boston

If you are looking to plan a vacation in the birthplace of the American Revolution, you want to choose city attractions that highlight Boston’s place in American. To plan that vacation properly, see the best in Boston with the New England Aquarium, the Museum of Science, the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum and the Freedom Trail.

This post was provided by Dan Patterson from CityPASS. With the Boston CityPASS you can see some of the attractions listed above as well as others for less. Attractions include the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, Old State House, and more. Visit for more information.

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