Felines on Wheels: Top Pointers for Traveling Long Distances With Your Cat in the Car

Cats love dwelling about the home, yet there comes a time when it must go to the vet or on the road for a short trip. Other times, you’ll need to pack up your kitty and take them for long rides, and in these cases, you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure the utmost health of your cat. Below, you’ll find top pointers for taking your feline on the road.


Unlike some dogs, cats need to be confined within a carrier when taking them for car rides. Even good-behaving dogs may need some sort of carrier for long trips, yet even for short rides, kitties need to be housed appropriately.

Therefore, it’s suggested to buy a larger carrier, bigger than the one reserved for rides to the vet or shorter trips. Remember, cats like to sleep in the round, so choose a carrier that accommodates that position and provides enough space and width. Also, allow the cat to get familiar with the carrier before the car ride. Let it smell, get in, and grow less curious about this new thing in its life.

Car Safety

Make sure the carrier is strapped down in the car. It’s not only safer for the cat but those in the car too. In the event of an accident, a rocketing carrier can pose a threat to the cat as well as others in the vehicle. You may feel like you want your kitty beside you during the ride, but it may be best to place it in the back where there are lateral seatbelts and you can fix special tie-down straps. Some experts suggest placing a cloth over the top of the carrier, so your cat is more at ease during the journey, not seeing foreign scenes constantly passing by the window.


You’ll want to bring along supplies for the long journey, such as plenty of food and water (maybe some ice to keep kitty cold and at ease) as well as medical needs. Moreover, think about bringing along paper towels or cloths to clean up any mess that may occur; some cats get sick during long car rides and may regurgitate. Also, think about lining the carrier with a puppy pee pad in case of an accident. You may also want to place a Shear Comfort cover over your seats for added padding


Manufacturers are not shy about producing accessories for long car rides, including portable litter boxes, collapsible food bowls, and one-time scratching posts. You know your cat best, so bring along toys and items that will keep your cat occupied and mind off of feeling uneasy in the car.


In addition to allowing the cat to become familiar with the carrier before the ride, there are things you can do to lessen the chance of anxiety. For example, a calming collar made of lavender and chamomile may help. Also, pheromone sprays are effective when sprayed inside the carrier and interior of the car.

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