You Have to Visit California in the Fall

Is there a perfect time to visit California? Many locales would argue that fall is the best season to see the Golden State due to the bountiful harvest, including fresh veggies and fat grapes for wine making. In southern California, the weather stays warm year round, and it’s almost always warm enough for a dip in the ocean. Heading north, the temperatures drop a bit, but the leaves change and the colors are spectacular.

Fall certainly has it all. Here’s a look at some of California’s best fall locales, and how you can get those most out of a fall vacation.

San Diego in the Fall

Average temperature: mid-70s

Although ocean temperatures drop in fall, the beaches remain a great place to splash and swim until October. As fall continues, the water may become too chilly for swimming, but the beach remains a sunshiny place to relax and explore. Some of San Diego’s best beaches, including La Jolla Beach, are great places to view wildlife, including seals who swim onto shore and bask in the sun (just like you!).

Remember when you visit San Diego in the fall, you’re coming during back-to-school season, so expect less family traffic at popular destinations. The San Diego Zoo should be less busy than it is during the summer months, and Belmont Park (the beachfront amusement park) should be less busy as well.

Where to Stay: San Diego has a lot of beautiful, high-rated hotels and resorts. If you’re coming for an extended stay, consider the benefits of an extended stay, luxury villa, such as Welk Timeshares, which even offer specials on NBA Lakers tickets once the season kicks off in autumn.

Los Angeles in the Fall

Did you know that September is the sunniest month to visit California? The Golden State is known for its sunshine, but only in September can you witness the most coastal sunshine from Santa Barbara all the way north to Oregon.

As fall progresses the temperatures drop, which is great for theme park enthusiasts who look forward to shorter lines and cooler weather. The LA County Fair takes place in the fall; it is four-weeks of celebrating agriculture with exhibits, rides, and races. Octoberfest follows, and then Halloween. There’s a lot of cool activities for the cooler months.

Where to stay: Los Angeles is chock full of hotels and motels, and they’re not all created equal. For example, the Pavilions Motel is a one-star motel with terrible reviews. Other hotels, such as the Omni are extremely popular and well-rated.

Considering there is only a $100 difference in price between Pavilions and the Omni, it becomes extremely clear why checking the reviews of a hotel or motel is essential, especially in Los Angeles. You don’t want to end up with bed bugs, such as one guest of the Pavilions Motel did. For extended stays, consider the benefits of a timeshare resort, and be sure to look for reviews such as Welk Timeshare reviews.

Salinas in the Fall

What’s better than breathtaking mountain views? Salinas has a lot to offer fall travelers: beautiful color-changing foliage, incredible views, and fresh wines made with the finest California grapes. Nestled in the mountains is Monterey Country’s Wine Trail, which is comprised of more than 20 wineries.

If wines aren’t your thing, consider the draw of fresh fruits and vegetables. The area is known for its farms, which offer tours, lunches, and fresh fruits and veggies for sale. If you’re up for it, there’s the Vision Quest Ranch which houses lions, tigers, elephants and more. Take a tour to view these stunning creatures.

Where to stay: Salinas has many hotels, but the best places to stay are small bed and breakfasts located along the wine trail.

Remember: when visiting California in the fall, you’ll have the best time if you plan an extended stay. Don’t just come for a night or two – consider booking an entire month, or go beyond that and book a trip from September to November. Each month has a unique experience to offer, and all of these destinations are worthy of your time.

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