Five Tips for Making Your Next RV Vacation with the Family More Enjoyable

Don’t think just because you’re taking a vacation means everything will fall into place and everyone will have a great time. Without the right planning, your family could end up having a disastrous time, and they’ll never want to go on vacation with each other again!

Do your best to avoid arguments in the RV and encourage everyone to get along with these tips. That way, everyone will have a good time, and you can look forward to your next road trip!

Travel in the Right RV

Traveling in an RV comes with many benefits, one of which is being able to stretch your legs while you’re on the road. However, the RV you choose matters. If you don’t have enough room, you can bet the youngest members of your family will get into plenty of fights.

Rent an RV so you can choose a size that works for your family. This also enables you to choose an RV with features that your family will appreciate, like a shower and an awning that allows you to create a comfortable outdoor area when you pull over.

Make Sure the RV Is Road-Ready

There is nothing more frustrating than hitting the road in an RV and ending up broken down on the side of the road. To keep that from happening, make sure your RV is road-ready.

That includes:

• Making sure the oil and filter has been changed

• Checking that roof seals and seams are tight

• Maintaining your brakes

• Checking your tire pressure

• Making sure the battery can handle the trip

If you’re renting an RV, ask the owner what has been done to maintain the vehicle, and if there’s anything they expect you to do while you’re on the road. If you’re pulling a trailer with your own vehicle, make sure you schedule an oil change, and have your mechanic check for any problems before you go on vacation.

Plan Plenty of Stops Along the Way

Everyone is surely excited to get to your destination, but the trip is half the fun! Not to mention, if you don’t get the family out of the RV every once in a while, you’re just asking for arguments and fights to take over your trip.

Make sure everyone has a chance to stretch their legs and get a little distance from each other by planning plenty of stops along the way. That might mean pulling over at a park so the kids can play on the playground or actually checking out that kooky roadside attraction.

Don’t be afraid to pull over for the night either. Driving at night when you are overly tired can be dangerous. It’s much better to give yourself a break and head back on the road when you feel rested and refreshed.

Create a Family Schedule

Creating a family schedule is extremely important at home. After all, it’s the only way you can keep track of all your family’s activities and make sure the kids get to practice on time!

Although you may like the idea of taking a break from making and maintaining a schedule while you’re on vacation, you’re asking for trouble if you attempt your trip without one.

Not only do you have to schedule regular stops and where you want to stay while you’re on vacation, there are logistics to work out when you’re vacationing in an RV. A schedule can help you decide who is responsible for what meals, which kids are completing which chores, and a schedule can even prevent arguments about whose turn it is to take a shower!

Let Everyone Have Their Say

No one likes to feel like they’re being bossed around, especially little kids. Instead of telling everyone what the family is doing, and when everyone is doing it, allow everyone to have their say.

Give the kids the opportunity to decide where you’re going to pull over for a break, let them pick the menu for the day, and be willing to pull over and check out the museum they saw on a roadside sign at the last minute. They’ll feel like they have more control over their vacation, and it takes the pressure off you to plan every last detail yourself.

Don’t think your RV vacation is doomed to be full of cramped quarters and never-ending arguments. Everyone can get along and enjoy themselves! You just have to make sure you follow these tips and everyone will have so much fun that they’ll look forward to scheduling the next family RV vacation.

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  1. This is really enjoyable vacation with family in RV. The best this about the RV is we can travel and relax while travelling. I am planning for a trip on RV hopefully it would be exceptional

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