Fun Summer Ideas for the Family

Summer is a time for trying new things, adventuring, relaxing and enjoying time with your family. If you have kids, it can be quite a task making sure they stay busy and preoccupied through the hot vacation months. Here are some fun ideas you can do with your kids to keep both them and you happy as summer kicks into full swing.

Have a Backyard Barbeque

Getting everyone together in your own backyard is a great option for quality family time and summer fun. Get out some lawn chairs, buy your favorite barbeque food — like hot dogs, brats, burgers and more — and gather some of your favorite backyard games. Badminton, croquet, giant Yahtzee, bean bag toss — the list goes on. Make the whole evening a time to play and relax. You can even try out your fun new toys from

Go for a Bike Ride

Round up the family and take them on a bike ride around town! If you have bike paths in your city, these are great ways to get around without going on busy roads. You can simply go out for a leisurely ride or aim to hit up your favorite ice cream shop. Not to mention it’s a fantastic way to get some exercise.

Fly a Kite

A windy day shouldn’t keep you from having some outdoor fun. Use it to your advantage and bring out the kite. Just head to an open field or park and see how high you can fly it. This is something both you and the kids can really enjoy.

Have Some Trampoline Fun

You don’t need any fancy backyard equipment to make your own awesome waterpark that the kids will love. If you have a trampoline, just dig out the water sprinkler or find some water balloons. A soaked trampoline is a blast to bounce on, so just set the sprinkler up underneath it or toss the water balloons on top and tell everyone to get their swimsuits on.

Make a Fire

Bring the fun of camping to your own home by making a fire in your backyard. You can stay outside as the sun sets and point out constellations in the dark. Skip dessert inside and gather up some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to make s’mores instead.

There are endless possibilities for epic summer activities to do with your family. This is only a small handful of potential options, so don’t be afraid to look up more in your search to create the best summer ever.

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