Going the Extra Mile: Organizing a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Abroad

Bachelor and bachelorette parties have a healthy reputation for combining fun activities with an abundance of alcohol. Now while these memorable occasions can take place close to home – or at least, in the same home country – this doesn’t mean it should be the norm. Plus, nowadays a groom or bride, thanks to learning about other party ideas and also social media pressure, will be expecting something a little special with their bachelor/bachelorette parties.

With that in mind, what can you do if you’re a best man or chief bridesmaid? Well,taking into account the previous info, going abroad would be an ideal way of creating a memorable event that will create memories to last a lifetime. Before going all-in on that idea, consider these following points.

Settle on a destination

First of all, you have to choose a destination that will match the tastes of the stag/hen and also the guests. Do you want to go somewhere warm and peaceful where you can unwind over the weekend? Or maybe somewhere that is renowned for its party atmosphere?

On top of this, budget will also play a part. For example, you do not want to go somewhere that is overly expensive – this could cause people to drop out due to the cost involved. Although the smaller the group, the less this aspect is a problem. In terms of cost, also remember that travelling at certain times of the year – such as the summer – will generally be more harmful on the wallet due to increased demand.

Plan far in advance

Getting everything organized requires plenty of planning in advance. First of all, create your own invitations and send them out ASAP. This way you will be able to get all intended guests onboard from the start, and you can start organizing around this vitalfacet.
Plus this also helps when booking a hotel. Obviously the later you leave it, the fewer options you will have when choosing accommodation – and this is exemplified tenfold when traveling as a group. Moreover, booking flights will generally be cheaper and easier when done with plenty of time to spare.

Book accommodation that will accept groups

This is a quick point, but an important one to keep in mind. When choosing your accommodation, ensure that it is open to accepting groups. After all, you don’t want to turn up to the place you’ve booked and get turned away because you didn’t read the fine print of them not accepting bachelor or bachelorette groups!

Stay in communication

To stay on top of plans, everyone involved in the bachelor/bachelorette party should stay in constant communication. Thanks to the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook, this has been made easy in recent years.

Staying in communication not only assists in making sure everyone knows the plan of action (flight times, activities to do, and so on), but it also gives people the chance to recommend their own ideas for improving the party. There could also be a separate chat for when you’re planning a surprise for the groom or bride-to-be.

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