Going To London and Searching for a Hotel?

Well if you are having a plan of going to London, then you better check out the places where you are going right at the beginning. And not having felt the pleasure of staying at luxury hotels in London is like having a cup of tea without salt. Nowadays you will get to see a lot of advertisements which are claiming to be of high profile luxurious hotels but then you may be in a quandary regarding which one to choose. So today we are here to help you out regarding the various 5 star hotels in London that are bound to be the best.

Best hotels in London

Taj 51Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences– This is the sort of a hotel that is bound to please you the most and the look itself will appeal to you. Once you take a look at this, you will no longer feel like moving out. After conducting a brief survey of the people who have spent days here it has got immense positive results. It is not only the ambience which is appealing but also the staffs who are helpful and work in a really fast paced manner.

The Milestone hotel– This is among the leading deluxe hotels in London and when you enter the hotel, you will immediately know why. Despite the ethereal decoration of the place, you will get too see well furnished rooms with the balcony that gives you the view of the city. The price of staying there is reasonable enough and the food services are good too.

The Kensington Hotel– This hotel is just the type you were craving for. A perfect place for luxury, this hotel promises a variety of entertainment and is the perfect place where you can spend your holiday in. Here you can get delicious food and the scenic beauty all around is just mind blowing making this hotel perfect for couples.

Few More Best 5 Star Hotels in London

Egerton House Hotel is not a hotel but rather a castle of your dreams. It offers all basic facilities along with some other facilities like free use of wifi. So if you are in here for your job, it can turn beneficial for you. So be it a work trip or a holiday one, you always have the option to go for this hotel.

The Shard is one of the tallest and famous skyscrapers of London and this is the place where you can pay a visit whenever you come to London. This multistoried building has a lot to offer and from here you can get a clear image of the whole of London. This is one of the reasons why people who come to London for a change never miss this spot.
So now that you know all about some of the hotels in London, it gets easier for you to select the hotel that you and your family want to spend your time in. And what’s more, you can also recommend about these to some others too!

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