Tie the Knot & Set Sail: 5 Honeymoon Cruise Destinations

Travel deals seem to be growing off trees, and now is the perfect time to strike while these deals are hot. If you were hoping to sail from port to port after your fairytale wedding, you’re in luck. Whereever you choose to cruise, make sure to take some photographs of your experience to enhance the memories you will enjoy for a lifetime. And cruise insurance, such as TravelGuard.com, can give you an added peace of mind while traveling, providing medical insurance and taking care of unexpected travel interruption.

The following five destinations have extraordinary opportunities for luxurious travel and amazing adventure after the big day.


Hawaii is one of the most desirable spots in the world to honeymoon. Everyone knows Hawaii to have beautiful beaches, superb surfing, five-star resorts, and culture up to its elbows, not to mention protected wildlife. This gorgeous string of islands allows you the opportunity to hop around from one piece of land to the next, giving you spectacular views and endless opportunities to enjoy what the state has to offer.


The Caribbean is divided into the Lesser Antilles to the east and the Greater Antilles to the north west, which include; The Cayman Islands, Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands are in the Lesser Antilles. Cruise ships dock in St. Thomas, the center of nightlife and tourist shopping. The famous Magens Bay is on St. Thomas as well as an excellent aquarium. Whales are frequent visitors to St Thomas coastal areas, including the Humpback whale. Probably best known for Disney’s “Pirates” franchise, this part of the globe is free of buccaneers, but is still home to gorgeous vistas and sandy beaches.

The Mediterranean

There are many ancient and beautiful sights to see. Lisbon is a popular cruise ship docking point. At the top of a hill, obscured by the tightly packed buildings on winding streets, stands the Moorish Castle of Sao Jorge, built to protect the city. The hill it sits on has been populated since the 6th century BC. Lisbon has many museums, Roman ruins and the medieval Lisbon Cathedral built in 1147.

Other historic and exotic cities that are ports of call are Rome, Venice and Livorno, Italy. Livorno is a great jumping off point for visiting the Tuscan countryside, and Florence is the home of the famous David by Michelangelo. Athens, Tunis and Istanbul are other historic and colorful Mediterranean ports of call. A Mediterranean cruise is a wonderful way to experience the art, architecture, history and culture upon which our civilization is based.


If you love archeology or want to see the splendor of ancient Mayan ruins, take a cruise with a Tulum or Chichen itza tour option. Chichen Itza has a series of pyramids laid out with mathematical precision. Tulum has three significant Mayan buildings. One is an observatory used to track the sun. Not only is Tulum a beautiful archeological site, but it also sits above a pristine beach with azure water that is warm every day of the year.

If you have docked near Cancun, you can journey to one of the many limestone cenotes which dot the region. They are beautiful habitats for exotic fish, and you can swim with them in peaceful pools which have been created by limestone erosion and sea incursion.


WA Today recommends Alaska as their top destination in the entire world to take a cruise. Alaska has a massive coastline with rugged scenery and 4 million acres of national parks. There are numerous cruises to choose from. They operate Between May and Early September. Most week long cruises offer the opportunity to experience sled dog trips and breathtaking flights. In the summertime, it is easy to make sightings of Orca, caribou and eagle while lounging on board. If you want to see pristine landscape, snowcapped mountains and a taste of the wild an Alaska cruise is for you.

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