Hotspot Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

After the stress of planning a wedding and the day itself, heading off on honeymoon is usually a welcome relief to newlyweds. Many locations around the world have earned themselves a reputation as ‘honeymoon hotspots.’ We looked at some of the best destinations around the world, and why they prove exciting to couples of various tastes.


Safaris have always been popular among holidaymakers looking to experience something different; however, they are also now emerging as a seriously hot honeymoon destination, too.

The opportunity to view some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife in their own backyard is one that should never be turned down, and there is a strange sense of peacefulness as you drive across African plains spotting animals that you have only seen in zoos. Combine luxury hotels with camping only a few miles from wildlife and feel an affinity with nature that you rarely will again.


This Greek island has long been a popular romantic haunt, and is a favourite among couples looking to marry abroad, as well as honeymooners.

Much of Santorini is geared towards rest and relaxation, and the many spa hotel resorts on the north of the island are the perfect examples of these. You and your new husband or wife can sip champagne from a balcony jacuzzi, while looking out over the calm sea as fireworks light up the sky. Then retreat to a luxury studio for an indulgent massage before heading off to the honeymoon suite.


Whether you want to travel across the outback or stay in luxury in Sydney, Australia offers a huge number of possibilities to couples looking to get their marriage off to an exciting start.

Take up surfing lessons on Bondi Beach, drive the Great Ocean Road, or travel across the remotest locations in the country with nothing but each other for company. Australia offers a range of experiences like few other countries on Earth.


If you head to this Portuguese island it will almost be like attending a second wedding. They love fireworks on Madeira, and if you let it be known to your accommodation that you are only recently married, you can guarantee that a display will be up and running within minutes.

Of course, Madeira is a beautiful island for both relaxing and exploring, too, meaning that the brilliant fireworks display will merely be the start of a wonderful honeymoon, and of course, the rest of your lives together.

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