How to Further Your Career Even When You Travel

Do you intend to travel, but you’re worried that it might delay your career progression? Worry not, because you can have the best of both worlds. There are many ways you can travel and still be able to further your career while you’re away from home. The options below are good examples of how you can do this.

Study on the Go

Until just a few years ago, the technologies were not available to allow students to study while they were travelling from one place to another. Internet technologies and online learning platforms have changed all of this and it’s now as easy to study a program like the BSN to DNP online course as it is to attend lectures at a local college or university.

The options available and the quality of the courses is huge, too, with students being able to access anything from short one or two day courses to more advanced online courses like online doctoral nursing programs.

Work Online

Learning online is not the only way your career can benefit from the internet while you’re on the road. Many people find it extremely easy to work online, once they have a Wi-Fi connection and a device that connects to the internet. You can blog, provide services or sell products easily and work at times that suit you, rather than having to work at times that suit an employer.

Enroll in a Course that Includes a Foreign Work Placement or Internship

Some courses include the option of a work placement in a foreign country. This is particularly common if you are learning a new language, because you may be asked to stay in a foreign country to improve your language skills. For example, some students are eligible for a grant while they are abroad and others can even get some valuable work experience while they are in their host country.

Teach English Abroad to Foreign Students

Huge numbers of people who live in foreign countries want to learn how to speak English. This is a golden opportunity for English speakers to earn money abroad and to get some valuable teaching experience. In many instances, the entry requirements for this type of work are pretty low, so this opportunity is available for a wide range of people who want to see the world and teach for the first time.

Build Up a List of Clients

You can take your teaching activities to another level by building up a list of clients who may need your services on an ongoing basis. Even if you return home, it’s possible to keep in contact with these students and teach them over the internet using Skype or a similar communications system.

When you travel, it does not mean you have to put your career on hold. In fact, there are many ways you can get valuable work experience abroad and improve your skills and knowledge in your chosen career at the same time. The examples above are proof of this.

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