How To Have The Best Skiing Experience

Every time you ski, you’re searching for it. The best run, the fastest speeds, or the most beautiful views. You won’t find all three of these by going to the typical resort. You’re more likely going to wait in lines, dodge other skiers, and see an overcrowded man-made run than anything else. Only through heli-skiing will you ever achieve your greatest run at your fastest speed, all while racing through the most breathtaking views in the world.

Heli-skiing has its home in the Canadian Rockies. Due to its unique climate, this area of the world receives snow throughout the year. And it’s not just any snow, either. It’s the perfect powder that you would kill to ski through. Golden, British Columbia especially is renowned for its fresh, powdery snow. Annual snow averages up to 360 inches or more here.

By zipping up these mountains via a helicopter, you can have access to these snowy peaks. You’ll be blown away by the absolutely awe-inspiring vistas of snow-covered mountains and evergreens. The large hectares of snow-capped forests and jagged peaks in every direction will top all of your skiing experiences.

Meanwhile, due to the exclusive nature of heli-skiing packages, you won’t have to share the snow or the views with anyone but your closest 3 friends. You won’t be dodging large crowds as you descend, nor will you have wait in endless queues for the chair lift. It’s just you, your friends, and the boundless nature of British Columbia.

To make sure you start your heli-skiing holiday on the right foot, you should invest in the best skiing gear. The right ski gear will keep you dry and warm while playing in frigid temperatures and wet snow all day. Typical ski gear includes a wicking base layer, a fleece mid layer, socks, windproof and waterproof shell jacket and pants, hat, gloves, goggles, knee pads, and wrist guards. Powder specific gear such as ski poles, snowboards, and transceivers are generally available through your ski package, so be sure to consult with your ski guide about such equipment.

Your next step to guaranteeing an unforgettable experience on the mountain is securing your trip through the best heli-skiing provider in the world. Great Canadian Heli Skiing offers totally customizable packages for you and your group, and their guides and pilots ensure that you find the best snow conditions in the Rockies. Under their tutelage, you’ll learn about heli skiing and the area. They also provide luxury accommodations, so you can relax in style after the best run of your life, with full, modern amenities that you’ve come to expect – and even some you haven’t!

With their help, you’ll finally have that experience that you’ve been searching for your entire life. A truly unique, thrilling, and beautiful skiing trip can be had through a heli-skiing holiday in the Rockies. There, you’ll have your best run at the fastest speeds in an awe-inspiring setting.

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