How to Navigate Airport Parking in Philadelphia

As of March 2022, Philadelphia National Airport had 13,673 car lots. Airport parking in Philadelphia affords you the convenience of bringing your car. You can easily get in and out of the airport while in between flights. This way, you avoid waiting in line for a taxi or using public transport vehicles. These can delay, anxious as you may be to catch a flight. During the return flight, you will be easy. This is because your car awaits long-term parking at the Philadelphia airport. Here are four tips to help ease your airport parking experience.

Book in Advance

The high cost of last-minute airport parking boils down to competition. Last-minute rush means the demand for good parking slots is high. Airports are busier during public holidays. However, early booking allows you to save money. Also, it minimizes the risk of missing parking space. Even when a parking facility shows that it is full, you can still park if you reserve a space.

Airports allow you to reserve parking online. Check on the airport website for rates. When booking, vital details that you must provide are the duration of parking and the airline you will use. After paying, you will receive a confirmation email. Book early to avoid the inconvenience of peak hours.

Review Different Sites

Airport parking sites offer varying rates, depending on convenience. Before you pay for parking, compare the pricing rates of different service providers. This will help you make an economical choice. Various parking options offer rates depending on duration. These include:

  • Short-term lots for picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport
  • Daily garage for parking several hours a day
  • Long-term lots suitable for parking your cars for several days
  • Offsite parking facilities are ideal for up to weeks.

Long-term and offsite parking lots are usually quite far from the airport. You require a shuttle to ferry you to the terminals. Request an on-demand shuttle service when long term parking at the Philadelphia airport to avoid lengthy waits.

Note Your Parking Lot

A large number of cars are parked in Philadelphia airport lots. If you aren’t careful, you may forget where you parked your car, especially during long-term parking. You can avoid this by carefully noting where you park your car or using an app.

Noting Down

You can write down pointers that will help you remember where you parked at the airport. These include parking lot structure name, number, and level.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps can help you find your parking space easily, thanks to increasing innovation. These applications record and detect your designated parking location.

Car Safety

Philadelphia airport parking facilities have taken car safety precaution measures, like installing surveillance systems. But you can never be too sure. Remove your spare car keys to prevent car theft. This is because most car thieves know the typical hiding places. Also, to avoid vandalism, do not leave any valuable items like cash or vital documents in your car. Always double-check that your car is well locked. Better to be safe than sorry.

Airport parking can be frustrating if you go about it without a plan. However, reserving a ticket will help you save money. Also, comparing different parking sites will help you select the best deal based on your journey’s timeline.

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